This $ 9 Gem Simultaneously Hydrates, Protects, and Evens Out Your Skin

For me, CC cream is one of those makeup products that just slip through. Usually, I put a good primer as the base and probably just go straight for foundation (or trustworthy skin tint ). But maybe it’s time to rethink that approach. CC cream can act as an important additional complexion makeup if you have difficulty with redness, uneven skin color, or just dullness in general. This is the secret to any shiny makeup look that many of us sleep in, and everywhere, the drugstore seems to be the place to look if we want to engage in action without spending a single penny.

Although it is a great step to add, finding the right one for your particular skin type can be pretty daunting without a little help. To save you some time (and dollars), I’ve compiled the best drugstore CC creams for each skin type. I will … Read more

15 Beautiful Casual Dresses and the Best Shoes to Wear With Them

Since I am a fashion editor, I always plan ahead. Summer may be far away, but I want us to walk in June ready, so listen up. Session is over, and I’m ready to teach you the best shoes to wear along with clothes if you have a vacation coming up or are lucky enough to live in a hot climate. I’ve been known to slowly build my next season’s wardrobe using storage boxes under my bed and suggest that everyone do the same. This is the best way to guarantee that you will be in summer fashion with an A+.

I don't consider myself a big dresser, but whenever I start planning my wardrobe in the warm weather, all of a sudden I’m becoming a wearer. clothes (even a few times a month, that is). But because summer clothes are so simple, the key to a great summer dress … Read more

Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga and Gemma Chan are just some of the stars covering W Magazine's annual Best Performances issue

Sara Moonves continues to ensure that W makes an impression at the kiosks. The magazine has secured many high-profile talent for its covers, including everyone from Dolly Parton to Beanie Feldstein. To start 2022 with a bang, the title launches its annual edition dedicated to the best performances, bringing us 10 collectible covers. This year's lineup includes Kristen Stewart, Denzel Washington, Benedict Cumberbatch, Gemma Chan, Jessica Chastain, Adam Driver, Honor Swinton Byrne, Tilda Swinton, Cate Blanchett, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Hudson, all photographed by Tim Walker. 1 2022 : The 'Best Performances' Issue by Tim Walker” width=”636″ height=”685″ /


Of course, few stood out. "Kristen looks good, normally that bored face never helps, but it was a good thing in that vintage vibe!" explained DK92.

"The Tilda cover is stunning as always and probably my favorite of all. I also like Cate and Kristen…" remarked [Piece Of Read more

I Tried 4 Viral TikTok Trends, Including Lube as Face Primer (Yes, Really)

Welcome to I Tried It Month where we will publish a new fashion, beauty, or wellness article daily in January featuring a first-person account of Tried up an old habit, push beyond the comfort zone, or simply try a new one. Track 31 days of storytelling, including everything from no cellphone for 40 days to testing the low-rise pants trend.

Name: Samantha Pouls

What did you try? [19659008] I tried four viral TikTok Trends: the frozen beauty blender, lube as a face primer, tying a button-down shirt, and burnt-almond eyeliner.

Why did you try it?

I ' ; ma big TikTok fan. If you’re looking for me beyond 10 p.m., you’ll probably find me endlessly scrolling through my TikTok feed. While the three hour scrolling addiction is certainly not good for my eyes or my sleep habits, it is good for my fashion and beauty habits. I always come across … Read more

You’ll Either Love or Loathe Alana Haim’s February 2022 Cover of Harper’s Bazaar

Things appear to be shaping up over at Harper’s Bazaar. After questionable covers starring Gigi Hadid, Beyoncé and Nicole Kidman, there’s no denying the magazine needed some life injected into it. Over recent months, covers with Tracee Ellis Ross and Hunter Schafer have managed to somewhat impress. Now the title gives its February 2022 cover to Alana Haim. A fresh face for newsstands, the American musician and actress takes to Bazaar‘s latest captured outside decked out in a Ralph Lauren Collection top selected by stylist Tony Irvine for the image snapped by Josh Olins.


The end result took members of our forums by complete surprise. “Wow, this is beautiful,” confessed caioherrero.

“It’s giving an end of summer feeling, very much like a lot of Haim’s music. It’s lovely, I’m sure it’s going to look nice on the newsstand. I must say that if … Read more

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