Skincare Experts Don't Love Makeup Wipes—Here's What to Use Instead

Ah, makeup wipes. A topic that has sparked much debate in the skincare world. In my experience, though, the consensus among the experts I’ve spoken to is that they aren’t great. Why, you ask? Well, it mainly has to do with how much rubbing is involved and the ingredients in the wipes. It isn’t the best makeup remover, especially for certain skin types.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Take Peter Young’s advice on the matter. He’s a board-certified dermatologist and Facet Skincare’s medical director. “People with sensitive skin should avoid makeup wipes,” he says. “Even the motion of wiping your skin can be abrasive and irritating if you do it often. Wipes also use cleansing agents just like face wash—but unlike face wash, the instructions do not include rinsing them off. This can be very irritating to your skin. Many makeup wipes also contain high levels of … Read more

Lindsey Wixson Delights as Vogue Poland’s July/August 2022 Cover Star

Vogue Poland continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. Under the command of Ina Lekiewicz, the Polish fashion bible regularly receives praise from our forum members. This year alone, covers featuring Lara Stone, Maaike Klaasen along with Marie-Agnès Diène and the publication’s triumphant celebration of all things Pride just last month have kept us captivated. Polish Vogue‘s outing for July/August 2022 is no different with Lindsey Wixson starring on a pair of covers captured by Arianna Lago. Styled by Ashlee Barrett-Bourmier, the American beauty takes us to California’s Death Valley wearing Simone Rocha for the first cover (below), while donning a statement floral look from Richard Quinn on cover two (after the jump).


Per usual with multiple covers, one outshines the other. “I like the energy of the first one. Lindsey Wixson is always one of the sweetest,” commented oaklee91 the moment the covers … Read more

42 Things You Have to See From Nordstrom, Amazon, and Shopbop Right Now

Whether you’ve already started thinking about fall shopping or have barely scratched the surface of everything there is to see for the next season, today is the day you can finish the task—if you want to, of course. As I do every month, I’m rounding up all the must-see items from three of our favorite shopping sites, and let me tell you, they really delivered this time.

From dresses and jackets to sandals and sneakers to sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters, there’s so much to see on Nordstrom, Amazon, and Shopbop at the moment that I actually had trouble narrowing down my favorites to just 42 items. Nonetheless, I did, so to shop my range of picks from each site, no matter what you’re looking for, just keep scrolling.

What’s the opposite of basic?

I think I need a pair of these.

Our whole team is loving these.
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Not Even Naomi Campbell Can Save Vogue Germany’s ‘Dull’ July/August 2022 Cover

It’s unfortunate that Vogue Germany is a shadow of its former self. Within the space of several months, only one cover with Grace Elizabeth has managed to command our attention. Given the fact there is nothing like a supermodel to propel a magazine back into the spotlight, the German fashion bible selects Naomi Campbell for its double July/August 2022 offering. The living legend fronts the publication four years after her last appearance this time captured by photographer Dan Martensen. In the cover portrait, the fashion icon showcases a look from Christian Dior’s Fall 2022 haute couture collection courtesy of Kate Phelan.


Members of our forums aren’t sold, however. “A holographic shower curtain with a badly Photoshopped Naomi Campbell in front of it warrants a collector’s item these days?” asked Melancholybaby.

“What a dull cover and the holographic effect just makes it less collectible. Naomi seems to be … Read more

This $16 Amazon Find Is the Easiest Way to Detox at the End of a Long Day

Picture this: It’s the end of a very long day of emails, meetings, running around, dealing with people… You know, all the stressful stuff. You get home and all you want to do is lie down—anywhere, really, because you’re so exhausted. Normally, when I have those days, I run into my apartment, immediately change into my pajamas, attempt to pull dinner together or order something, and lie down on my couch or bed and look at my phone for hours. It’s not the best wind-down routine, I know, especially with the phone part because that can cause some anxiety if I look at my emails again or doomscroll.

But lately, I’ve been trying to find out new ways to de-stress, and one of my favorite coping strategies has been to take a bath. I was never really a bath person before this, but now I understand … Read more

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