The Boring Item That Is Suddenly Selling Out Everywhere

Over the past few years, there has been a growing appreciation for classic items that are resistant to fickle trend cycles. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this shift, including the collective drive to create a more timeless, hard-wearing wardrobe in order to slow down our consumption combined with the pandemic, which means we are all wearing more practical and simpler outfits. Many of the cult buys for 2022 are actually items that have been hero purchases for decades and so will have a permanent place in your wardrobe. 

One item, in particular, that is selling out rapidly this month is striped sweaters. This is an item that will always be popular, and in particular, we love knits that combine cream and black and have an oversized fit. Celine is partly responsible for making us all fall in love with striped knits again thanks … Read more

I'm Locally Famous for My Eyeliner Skills—Here's Everything I Do to Get It Right

I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m passionate about liquid eyeliner. I’m a cat-eye enthusiast, and back when I used to venture out into the world daily, my snatched eyeliner was the source of many compliments from friends, co-workers, and even strangers. Seriously, the beauty topic I get the most DMs about is my eyeliner! My big secret? Practice… and the best formulas, of course.

I’m woman enough to admit that it’s taken years of trial and error to get my liquid eyeliner skills down pat. I’ve watched an embarrassing number of YouTube tutorials and used to spend my spare time at home rehearsing my stroke in the mirror until I got it just right. And now that I’m a beauty elder (I had a Myspace, okay), I feel it’s my duty to share the top eyeliner tips I’ve picked up along the way. Check out my tried … Read more

These Emerging Designers Are Taking Over My Closet—All The Pieces I’m Shopping

There are the established fashion houses and the go-to legacy brands we know and love, but fashion is also constantly awash with fresh talent. Each season a new crop of names and faces pop up on the circuit, and with them a plethora of new designs and ideas to pay attention to. Scoping out emerging designers is one of the highlights of being a fashion editor, and it seems like each week there’s something popping up for me to be enthralled with. Supporting these brands and designers is especially important to me given the demands and challenges that come with building a brand. The below names are doing just that: forging their own audience with their unique pieces. It’s partly why a good portion of my recent buys have been from them. From IG cult favorites to minimalist labels, keep scrolling to check out the new class of emerging designers
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My Friends Kept Raving About This Affordable Jewelry Brand, So I Tried It IRL

Fashion editors have a lot of opinions. And while it may take more than the average to please us, when we like something, we tend to stick behind it. A brand that’s been ringing in my ears from my editor colleagues is Canadian jewelry brand Mejuri. Admittedly it’s been on my radar for a minute—via events and general shopping research— but until recently I never dove deep into its selection to try it in real life. Good thing I did, but it was exactly what I was looking for: no-frills everyday jewelry that I leave on whether I’m sleeping or swimming. I’m past the age of wear-it-once-and-its-green costume jewelry, but not quite ready to invest in a Van Cleef Alhambra piece (although I’m planning on it soon). Mejuri’s direct to consumer jewelry sits nicely between the two categories, so with $100, you can buy a solid piece that won’t turn
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I'm 23 and Work in Fashion—See the Fall Trends I'm Saying "Hello" and "Bye" To

While it still may be 85 degrees outside, our minds here at Who What Wear have made a little time skip in our heads to start planning ahead for the season ahead. Of course, I’m still soaking in the last last few weeks of summer but I just can’t help how much I crave fall, and many of my coworkers seem to agree. And while there are many fall trends that have made it big the past few seasons, I’m ready to say “hello” to some and “bye” to others that may not have been the best fit for me in the past. This year I’m leaning towards trends that lean more minimal and functional, while last year I had fallen too deep into trying every cool thing on the market.

At 23 years old, I’ve finally started to find confidence in picking clothes that make me feel good, so … Read more

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