25 Cold Searches I'm Not Obsessed With Now

25 Cold Searches I'm Not Obsessed With Now

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As a fashion editor, I continue to focus the latest emerging brands trends that are gaining strength, and new items that are declining among retailers. It & # 39; s my job to bring you the coolest found and special pieces I think deserve to be put in your closet, so I & # 39; t put everything together here in one column dedicated to the pieces that I can personally put my money. [19659003] I also have a specific style of style that blends my passion for minimalism in some days and maximalism in others, so you can & # 39; t find styles across the board here. The usual thread? A mindset for supporting amazing design talent and investing only in the pieces I plan to wear in the coming years. Here, let me take you on a virtual shopping trip, where I will highlight all the pieces I think are worth adding to your cart.

The cool shrug piece to buy.

To layer a sweatsuit.

This orange shade makes me happy.

Cutest bag in coolest shape.

I can't get these strap details.

A piece of art.

I own the dress version of this top and would not recommend it enough.

A perfect coat.

Yep, these pants will be needed.

Hot pants are one of the biggest trends for the trend and this is the pair I want in my closet.

Wow, this slouchy suite is a dream.

The shade of powder blue will soon be everywhere—Wardrobe.NYC is always right about these things.

This skirt is a sales look that is very good to ignore.

Fans of Alber Elbaz will be glad to know that the designer is back in his new adventure, AZ Factory.

Only in goodness.

The Row do it again with their perfect bags.

How good is the shade of this denim?

I'm always looking for great basics.

I'm all about upsised coats right now.

Yep, the absolute perfect tee.

I still own a pair of cowboy boots, but Fran Lebowitz convinced me that I needed a pair.

This oversized blazer is over.

Many pearls, please. [19659027] A good, cool basic basis.

Who wouldn't want to live in these comfortable pants?

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