5 Brands With Best Wide Cow Boots

5 Brands With Best Wide Cow Boots

Finding the perfect pair of boots can be more difficult than you think, especially if you're looking for a pair that comes just below, at, or above the knee. The hard factor? Landing on a pair that fits perfectly with your calves-not too tight or too loose, but just right. If you have wider calves, you might think that a pair of knee -high boots that you can actually wear don't exist, but there you go wrong. They do-it will only take a little more digging to find them, and the search begins with knowing which boot brands actually offer wide calf styles .

If you are shopping for a pair online, a great way to find out about fit is to read through customer reviews, many of which speak to fit and whether or not they work. well on wide or narrow calves. Since you don't have all on time in the world, we've done our due diligence, looking only for styles that consumers say have a "wide fit" or a "large perimeter." We are narrow-minded and focused on the best brands that offer spacious calf styles that are trendy, yet comfortable to wear.

Read on to see and shop five brands with the best boots for wide calf, with product options from each customer approved. And don’t worry-we’ve included the best tests for proof.

"These boots are amazing! I have a hard time finding flat, leather, over-the-knee boots and they far exceed my expectations. I haven't worn them in long days, but the fit looks great, so hopefully breaking them won't be terrible. "

" The These boots are even better in person, and are easy to ride on and off with the side zipper. I'll say it's also true in size-love them! "

"5 ' 2 I have big calves so these calf boots usually make me shorter and rude but not them! They look nice and beautiful! "

"I've got a lot of compliments for these boots! These are the real statement boots."

"This boot is lovely! The fabric is like a tough, stretch type material that stretches around your calf. Usually I have a size 9 or 9.5 in the boots, and the 9.5 fits me perfectly (I adjusted both and the 9 is pretty tight.) The heel is a nice height and easy to walk in. I am very happy with this boot and can't wait to wear it. I think it will be comfortable to look at now. "

" I'm looking for tight skin with knee high boots, but I'm always worried because I have very muscular calves and long legs. These boots fit my calves and legs perfectly! They aren't too tight or too loose and sit right on my knees. "

"What a perfect boot! Enough maki fight to give the fight look that we all love now, but tall enough to make them look classy and sexy too. These are my favorite new boots – and I have a lot of boots!

"Love the heel heel and the high, sexy. Very fit, especially for calves / mid-feet. The fabric is super soft. More like microfiber than non suede. No slouch, which I enjoy. "

" This boot is high quality leather there's a ton of pillows inside. It runs in size, but I like mine wearing bigger with socks. "

"The boots are stunning! I'm 7.5 boots and it's true to size. They're easy to wear, feel good, and are comfortable."

"Let's just say it's been a PUNITAN to find boots to fit my calves and these boots fit me perfectly ! The circumference of my calves is about 16 1/4 and these boots don't fit any problem! I'm usually between 7 1/2 or 8 and I went with an 8. I'll say fit they are only right with regular and thinner socks so if you plan to wear thicker socks I recommend measuring if you are in between sizes.They are suede so I feel in time they will be loose.They are also soft to wear a little more slouchy as well where they can be on the knee instead of on the knee. "

" They fit true to size – I'm almost 6 / 6.5 and I got 6.5 so I can wear thin ones socks, and I'm glad. They are beautiful. You will not fail! "

" I'm done with the moon with them. Finally, a cute boot that fits my muscular muscles. Women who have issues finding boots for larger calves, I encourage you to try this one on a wide calf size as you may be surprised. "

" I love these boots! I like the color, style, and height. These boots are pretty much paired with anything I own! "

" I've been looking many times for good quality, genuine leather wide calf boots. For reference, my calf measurement ranges from 17.75 – 18.25 inches, early morning to evening hours. It’s really hard to find quality, style, fit, and comfort all in one boo. I bought them in both black and brown shades, hoping for the best and prepared for the worst. I'M HAPPY with my boots! "

" My feet are wide and a 17 "calf (I measured before ordering this pair of boots) and because of my knees, I’m not wearing really high heels, and these boots fit perfectly. ”

“ These boots are comfortable. I usually wear 9.5 W or even WW. I ordered 10W, and they feel great in thick socks. The leather is very soft. I worry about the heel, because I usually wear a wider one. heels, but no reason to worry. "

" Love these boots, super cute! The wide calf fits mine, well , wide calf. The leather is also super sleek and soft! "

" I love my boots Naturalizer. They are the perfect fit, by all means. I have never owned a pair of boots as comfortable as these. "

" I have a really big calf, and it really fits. I’ve always liked Hunter’s boots, but it didn’t get past my calf. I love that fact that I had the appropriate choice. "

" I love these boots. They’re not like the typical hunter rubber boot, which is nice. I wore them in sticky snow and mud puddles. When dirty I wore them in the car washing and sprayed. They look new again. The gold on the back is a nice touch. I have bigger calves, and they fit because of the back adjustment. Definitely highly recommended! "

" These boots are just amazing. Very easy to wear and the adjustable gussets on the back work and not just decoration. "

" These are great shoes for my winter / fall / spring wardrobe. I waited many years to get these boots and I wish I could buy them sooner. I own a lot of rain boots, and the quality of them is unbeatable. "

" The Hunter has long been my favorite boot, and I own many styles. They fall into their own category, however, falling between styles and filling a space for cooler days. "

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