7 Nail Fall Colors We Ended Up Obsessing

7 Nail Fall Colors We Ended Up Obsessing

We've done our best to keep it together in the last few months, but our cosmetology activities have certainly changed. For better or worse, we are tasked with taking matters into our own hands when it comes to everything from chemical skins to hair color . While we’re very good at implementing home-manicure gels at home as well, we can’t help but think how nice it is to use this extra time away from the eyes that gets to give our nails some breathing that is far from perfect. that -looking but sometimes harmful to cured lacquer.

Interesting fact: A number of nail polish brands have raised the ante by improving on their traditional nail polish formulas to look, feel, and perform more like gel , without the need to cure it under a light. And, of course, if you’re panicking to buy a at-home gel nail kit earlier this year, then you have more nail gel nail options available!

We're taking stock of the best new fall gel nail colors that we're so excited to wear. Ahead, check out the seven shades we’re dipping into, whether gel or adjacent to the gel. Scroll for the mood board and shop the ones you talk to.

This neutralized shade of seafoam is an absolute dream. It will perfectly work like a burst of color without being over-the-top bright.

This two-step gel system by Essie is not requires a light treatment but still provides a shiny, chip-resistant manicure that lasts a few days. This soft green color is already blushing in the midst of set fashions.

The gorgeous and intricate red call with hints of brown, orange, and even yellow — all shades that make up the ultimate fall color palette. This is the perfect color to channel the changing leaves.

Orly ' s Desert Muse Collection is what we need to get in an autumn manicure mood, and we especially love this earthy crimson color. It’s offered in a professional-grade gel formula for long-lasting gel manicures, but if you’re not set up with a GelFx LED Lamp ($ 222), you can enjoy the same exact shade as the brand’s traditional polish formula .

Lightens bright whites with classic soft ivory. Go for an opaque finish by adding more coats or hang back with a slightly there, thin finish. The choice is yours.

This gel-effect duo is all you need for a long-lasting gel manicure — no light treatment required. Layer on three coats of Birthday Suit for a bold, full-coverage look or just swipe on a coat for a more natural finish. Either way, you get a shiny, ivory gel -like manicure.

From the light gray that looks like wet cement to the tons of gray reminiscent of a cloudy sky, there's something for each family color appropriate autumn. We’re bopping up and down this spectrum all the time.

In case you need more proof that the color of the polish it’s mainly trendy, just check out this collab between nail savant Deborah Lippmann and fashion designer Jason Wu. It’s the perfect cloudy gray day and moreover, it comes with a tried and true, dual-patented formula made to perform like a cured gel.

If you find yourself reaching for lattes in the fall, you may be able to notice the similarity of the fizzy drink and the color of this nail. Slightly warmer than your average beige, but only a shade or two of light to be considered brown. ]
This perfect shade sits right at the intersection of deep beige and light brown. It’s the perfect raised neutral that looks slightly different, but is completely complementary to a wide range of skin tones. A quick hit of Chanel’s Le Gel Coat on top, and it will stay shiny and discreet in tact for many days.

Think of this shade as a wheaten-leaning yellow more little on your face than your typical summer canary. It’s more of a burnt yellow, if you will.

Who tells you to leave yellow nails once you fall the hits? Combine this with base and top coats from OPI’s Infinite Shine line, and the glassy glow and long-lasting power will make you consider visiting a nail salon again.

If you've been waiting for a little flash, you've found it. Get your Tin Man with shiny metallic shades and glitter chrome colors that add extra strength to your manicure. Try everything from shimmering silver polhes to bronzy rose golds.

Revlon's response to the quality of the home manicure salon was the Gel Envy polish, which binds your nails with even the use of a base coat. Create the chrome manicure of your dreams without having to cure it under an LED light. Just seal with the Diamond Top Coat and you’re ready to go.

Next, find out which best -selling nail colors look better on your fingers. This article was published at an earlier date and updated.

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