8 Fall Staples I'm Cutting Out and Their 2022 Replacements

8 Fall Staples I'm Cutting Out and Their 2022 Replacements

While the warmer months tend to be a fan favorite, this editor can’t wait to start breaking out fall staples like leather jackets, ankle boots, and all the denim. Simply put, it’s my favorite time of year to get dressed and yes, I might be jumping the gun on shopping for the season ahead but I like to think of it as planning ahead. While I sit here and daydream about the dipping temperatures and layering possibilities to come, naturally I’m also examining my autumnal wardrobe and doing a good bit of gutting.

The staples I used to wear between the months of September and December could definitely use an update, so to bring my fall wardrobe into the present-day, I’m taking stock of what’s in my closet and decided to remove eight outdated fall fashion staples that no longer feel like the freshest option. Items like platform loafers that I wore religiously in seasons past are getting the boot, and now I have my eye on a few 2022 updates that will make all my fall ‘fits feel truer to where my style is at today and which trends of the moment I’m taking inspiration from.

With that, keep reading to see which silhouettes I’ll be relying upon over the course of the next few months, and consequently, which older ones I’m cutting out for good. 

Chunky loafers and I had a good run. I wore pairs with cushy lug soles almost exclusively over the past few fall seasons and while they’re certainly comfortable, I’m refocusing on their more classic counterparts: penny loafers. Part of the reason my fall wardrobe is feeling dull has to do with how many trends I bought into, so this season I’m looking to timeless staples like these loafers that boast longevity.

Leather jackets are a fall staple that’s nonnegotiable for me. I’m not feeling quite as excited about leather blazers as I once was, so to fill their role I’m looking to vintage-inspired and oversize silhouettes like the ones Prada is boasting this season. While the designer iteration is pinned to my mood board, I’ll be looking to recreate the looks with more affordable and secondhand options.

I’ve broadcasted my love for ribcage-skimming jeans in the past and while I won’t be outing all my high-waisted denim, I’m removing the excess pairs to make room for more low-slung silhouettes that not the moment’s early aughts revival.

Another fall item I’m guilty of hoarding is platform ankle boots. Already this year, I’ve worn my structured knee-high boots more times than I can possibly recount (and yes, I’ve kept them in rotation throughout the summer), so I’m taking it as a sign to double down on the style for fall.

I blame it on the trending balletcore aesthetic that’s on the rise (looking at you, Miu Miu ballet flats), but I can’t resist the urge to douse myself in shade of soft baby pink, especially via delicate satin and silk pieces. I’m even going so far as to predict I’ll wear these pretty shades as often as traditional fall neutrals like camel and tan.

Waistcoats have been trending all year long and this season I’m ready to prioritize them fully over any other top style. In seasons prior, I would have opted for a coordinated ensemble with a matching blazer and pants, but now I’m finding even more ways to incorporate tailored vests into my day-to-day looks for maximum versatility. I love their effortless, ready-for-business feel.

Slim-profile sneakers inspired by classic soccer silhouettes are replacing my previous affinity for basketball styles with thicker gummy soles. I love the retro feel they lend to casual outfits. Following in the footsteps of seemingly celebs like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, I just purchased the Adidas Sambas and have been wearing them nonstop.

Once a cornerstone style of the early 2000s, bowler bags are bubbling up once again on a certain subset of cool girls and I’m after one of the simpler leather versions to carry as my new everyday bag. I think their vintage-inspired silhouette will lend some interest to my fall outfits while being a functional go-with-anything bag to reach for regularly. Sorry to chunky chain-strap bags, but I’m preferring a more subdued bag vibe that’s hardware-free lately.

Up next, see which six fall denim trends are about to be everywhere.

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