8 Trends (and Classics) Meghan Markle Always Includes in Her Clothes

8 Trends (and Classics) Meghan Markle Always Includes in Her Clothes

I wouldn ' t consider myself a royal-obsessed person (the only season of The Crown I watched was with Princess Diana), but there is something about their style that is always intriguing to me. Since her Suits and The Tig days, I’ve been a fan of Meghan Markle and I still want to keep up with her current look. He always looks perfectly elevated and put together. Examples include her Givenchy wedding dress and the street style she has worn since leaving her royal title. While monitoring her appearance, I noticed there are a few key pieces that she often relies on as part of her signature style. As someone who certainly has access to a huge variety in terms of sartorial choices, she lets her personal style shine through by keeping to a selection of styles she knows and likes.

Below , you’ll find eight trends (and classics) that will almost always be included in a Meghan Markle ensemble. With pointed-toe pumps and tailored coats, he didn’t miss out. Keep scrolling for more.

While Markle's latest look is a more trend-forward version of the suit, she often wears a nice suit set. Whether you want to keep it more structured and formal or choose the massive look, the suit is definitely the way to instantly look polished.

[1945900813] [1945900813] ] I don’t think I’ve ever seen Markle without wearing heeled shoes, and I think it’s because he took off the classic silhouette of the shoe so well.

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There are many outerwear options on the market, but a specialized coat is a royal favorite.

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I have to agree with Markle on the fact that the midi dress is the superior length. It looks more sophisticated and easier to style than a maxi or mini I think. The lover of the beautiful turtleneck. It's a staple in cold weather, so it's a good idea to always have one on deck when the temperature drops.

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[196599] just as the midi dress is superior, so is the midi skirt. if you need proof, you will find that the medium length style is part of most of the market.


2021, and both Markle and Kate Middleton know how to make a color show.



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it is safe to say that Markle was a ride-or-die skinny-jeans woman. ]

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