9 Hairstyles What People Really Want In Salons Today

9 Hairstyles What People Really Want In Salons Today

It's official: Hair salons are opening for business across the US and hairdressers are busier than ever. Yes, after months of neglect (with the occasional haircut at home or color thrown in for good measure), many of us are desperate to go back to the hair salon to let the professionals take care of our fibers. But with my own hair appointment booked for next week, I must admit that I was suddenly a little excited.

There's a lot of pressure on a haircut back in the salon: should I go all over the transformation and chopped my hair into a shorter bob or hug my current hairstyle which is in length by adding some fresh layers? There are many hair possibilities to choose from and I know friends and family feel equally confused.

So who better to approach than the experts themselves for some guidance? While the beginning of 2021 saw many hairstylists predict that bronze colors tapered cuts and maxi fringes would be some of biggest hair trends of the year, what hairstyles are people really asking for once they're in the salon chair?

First, keep scrolling for nine of the most popular hairstyls in salons today. From 70’s inspired layers to pixie crops, there’s so much inspiration.

"I had many guests who showed me pictures of shag haircuts," said Roman Sys Stylist at Trevor Sorbie Bristol for L ' Oréal Professionnel . "They're all different lengths but certainly the loose, independent look styles are very popular. I certainly think with the trend of more shag haircuts, there's less of a technique that works well: Letting your hair that is air-dried to maintain some natural movement then scrunching in some light but hydrating mousse. "

The low-maintenance shag hairstyle erases cool vibes .

It ' s 70s-inspired textured cut its so glam on Suki.

Jazmine proved that the fringes look great in this layered cut.

The shag hairstyle is about quantity, so try adding a little mousse to damp hair before drying.

If your hair is naturally curly then smooth this curl-defining lotion through damp hair to add shine and bounce. The more texture, the better.

" As we exit the lockdown, many of us have no choice but to let our hair grow and experience longer lengths," explains Dylan Brittain ambassador of Schwarzkopf UK, and owner of Rainbow Room International George Square Salon . " Now that the salons have reopened, many clients are looking to keep their length but get rid of any damage and split ends and opt for a gorgeous, dull, mid-length style that keeps the length not too long. Plus, it looks healthy and trendy for the season. The great thing about this style is its versatility: it can be styled with many others &# 39; the other way around. "

I love the way Nicole's curls just pass over her shoulder-the perfect style at the length of haba.

Lizzie ' s shoulder- the length of the fiber gives me French-girl vibes.

Margot Robbie hugged a brighter blonde with an interval of this length.

Brittain loves scrunching with a salt spray to add beachy waves to long-sleeved styles.

"Alternatively, use a curling wand or hot iron to create S-shaped waves and brush them for softness to style its mid-length look, ”Brittain explains.

" We were excited to be back at the salon and had various requests in our first weeks to open tomorrow," said Adam Reed UK editorial ambassador for L ' Oréal Professionnel. “A lot of people opt for a shorter look to really get rid of some weight (both physically and figuratively!) And we’ve seen bobs of all variations leave the salon: from Shoreditch Shag, a shaggy textured look, to the Brick Lane Bob, a clean, dull and healthy look. "

Bella's sharp, shiny bob is i want to cut all my hair right now.

The pendant! The headband! The short curls! Franny’s bob hairstyle is everything.

Trust Hailey to pull the bob hairstyle with aplomb.

Reed likes to put nourishing oil in bob hairstyles to give the hair a healthy shine.

My hair always looks dull but this spray even manages to add shine and gloss to my fibers.

"I really see the resurgence of longer hair," said George Nort hwood celebrity hairstylist and founder of Undone. "A lot of my clients with hair have asked me for just a trim, because they haven't grown it long before and they realize it's really beautiful. Lockdown has given people too much time to grow theirs. hair despite what they think is possible. "

Gen Gen may say that side separation is non -existent, but how can they be good when they look at it carefully in Aude-Julie?

Lily's long strands look shiny.

Stephanie's long, sea waves are ready to sumnmer.

Perfect for longer lengths, this nourishing cream can be used on wet or dry hair to reduce flyaways and boost hair volume .

Keep long strands healthy and knotted with a decent hairbrush like this from Balmain.

"When it comes to color, there ' s different directions that people go," explains AJ Lordet colourist in Frederic Fekkai Salon New York. "One kind of client is coming in and looking for something really different. They completely change what they do and they're lighter, brighter, even with even a pop of fashion. tones like a pink or blue or whatever their favorite is. "

Ryan's soft lavender hair color looks very -Cute paired with a pretty pastel eye look.

Michelle's face colored hair inspired by this candyfloss is surprisingly wearable.

Even Kaia Gerber hugged. Color with this melted pink bob.

Extend the color palette and keep the brassy tone unattractive with this shampoo that is usually marked. Bonus: Smells like peaches.

If you are not sure about permanent color, then this soft blush will only take a few washes on your hair so &#39 You can't try the trend first.

"The balayage captures the bladder at the requests of a child's golden tone," said Samantha Cusick Redken advocate, and owner of [19459058UnitedKingdom] Samantha Cusick London . "Clients are still keen to keep the root of their natural root color."

The difference between Celeste's dark veins and blonde length is really in vogue today.

Emili's fluffy house hair is worn.

The pink colors look beautiful in Gergana.

Redken recently had a global revamp and their newly prescribed packaging means it's super easy to find the best product for your hair. . “I recommend using the Redken Blondage Anti-Brass Mask to keep blonde colors bright,” Cusick says.

This affordable shampoo contains violet shades to tone blonde hair and keep it vibrant.

"I feel like opening salon doors at this time is vastly different when we open following the previous lockdown. My clients seem more positive and less wary of they want to do with their hair, ”said Jack Baxter promoter of Redken, and owner of Baxter Salon Glasgow. "I've cut a lot of styles and shapes around the face, and I've also seen a massive increase in fringes. I don't think I've cut a lot of them in the past in a short time."

Julie's long and fluffy fringe is a great starting point if you're considering cutting one for the first time.

Jourdan's pendant piece has a Retro feel that I adore.

Naaomi's full but furry fringe tickles all the hair boxes.


There is nothing worse than one side falling flat. Baxter recommends this spray for adding lightweight texture to every style.

Trust me – dry shampoo is your best friend when you have an edge. This one absorbs excess oils and keep it looking fresh.

"Since returning to work most of my guests have been opting for the chop and going for a super choppy, low-maintenance lob," said Vicki Anne Hoskin supporter of Redken, and owner of The Grove Cornwall. "This look is very current and completely effortless and clients can still tie or wear their hair in tousled waves."

How impressive does Aysha's soft curls look in the middle of her style? Seriously chic.

Marissa Cox is the queen of elegant, mid-length style. Try using tweezers to check it out at home.

It's all about the waves when it comes to the length of this interval, as Aimee Song showed.

Long -sleeved hairstyles will benefit from a spritz of texturizing spray to add movement to the simple style.

Using a hair straightener to create waves keeps feeling more relaxed and modern.

"Stuck in lockdown for a long time, a lot of people want to try something new, fun, and a bit weird when it comes to their hair," Dylan Brittain said. "Broken hairstyles and pixie cuts are a great way to do this. This style is also great as we enter the warmer months because it takes too much weight into our hair and it's easy to style. style products rather than hot style tools. "

This chopped hairstyle and micro-fringe is so beautiful on Alyssa.

I adore Charlotte's Blade, crop, and feathery fringe.

Ellie's hair always looks fabulous at this short length.

"Matte waxes and pomades are a great way to add extra texture to cropped hairstyles for those who love a more vibrant look, "Brittain explained.

This innovative formulation can be used to add texture to shorter styles or to smooth flyaways over longer lengths. This post originally appeared on Who What Wear US.

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