A Beauty Makeup Artist Told Me 4 Tips To Look Younger (If It Were You)

A Beauty Makeup Artist Told Me 4 Tips To Look Younger (If It Were You)

Celebrity makeup artists are like gatekeepers in best products treatments and techniques for maintaining glowing skin. They have access to all the leading brands and beauty experts and regularly touch the faces of some of the most famous women in the world, so they know a thing or two when it comes to creating a youthful look. Some of the techniques they use are better left to the pros, but I would like to know the easy tricks that mortals can use in our daily routine to enhance our makeup appearance. .

I reached out to the celebrity makeup artist Sofia Tilbury counting Candice Swanepoel, Shanina Shaik, Sienna Miller, and Irina Shayk as clients. It also happens that she is the niece of Charlotte Tilbury, one of the most famous makeup artists of all time, so she doesn & # 39; t have some tricks on her sleeve to keep in mind. She revealed her top four makeup tips to look younger, and they are all surprisingly easy to do. From the first step she takes on every face she works on to the lip enhancement technique that creates a full spell, below are her best tips for a youthful glow.

"Hydration is important!" Said Sofia. "I do not do makeup without Magic Cream . Whenever I work with a famous client, I massage it all over the skin to create an earnest, glowing base while reducing the appearance of fine lines. and wrinkled. " Starting with an ultra-hydrating moisturizer will get blood flowing all over your face and spit out any loose lines you have.


"Heavy, cakey powder Opposite with adequate skin! I recommend using a superb milled powder like Airbrush Flawless Finish on your T-zone, leaving the high points of your face glowing and free of powder, "Sofia explained.


"People are afraid fear of shimmering formulas – especially on aged skin – but it is actually a fantastic way to attract face to face, which blur the appearance of beautiful lines and wrinkles, "Sofia revealed. "When creating a really glowy, youthful look, I like to use the cream shadow of Charlotte, Eyes to Mesmerise on Jean, on the eyes for maximum effect with minimal effort. Very easy to use. You can. even apply it with your fingers, wash the color all over the cover, in the inner corners, and along the lower lash line to give the look a brighter, wider look to the eyes. Just curl your lashes and add a lot of volumizing mascara! "So with just a creamy, champagne colored eye shadow, you can create the look of brighter, wider eyes using this technique .


"As we grow older, our lips tend to lose their entirety and may even begin to fade in color, so & # 39; t lip balm is important! Take Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk and track lip line, really focused on creating a defined Cupid bow.I'm a real lip girl, so I do it every day.You can instantly fool around and define the look of your lips for a youthful, perfect pout . "

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