A Podiatrist, an Instagram Expert, and Mattel Respond to Barbie Feet Craze

A Podiatrist, an Instagram Expert, and Mattel Respond to Barbie Feet Craze

Instagram trends may be weird, but before we consider them completely loco, we want to take our time to investigate the hype. Now on the chopping block is the Instagram craze we like to call “ Barbie feet, ” which models, celebrities, and fashion girls like. The idea behind this routine is to pose with your toes to lengthen your legs and flex your muscles a bit. It will appear as if you are wearing high heels sans the shoes. The positioning of this leg is almost identical to Barbie’s propped-up foot. Usually, this pose is accompanied by a swimsuit or summer fit because those are the occasions where no shoes reside.

The hype has been confirmed (just scroll down to see all the proof on Instagram), so to investigate further, we reached out to three experts in various fields to weigh in-a podiatrist, Instagram expert, and Mattel spokesperson. Read on to find out what everyone has to say from their own perspective and to pick out some shoes that will give an allusion to Barbie’s feet for all those times where shoes have no choice.

"I have had many of my patients ask me recently about ' Barbie feet. ' I ' m surprised that this trend didn ' t start earlier. The ' Barbie feet ' is obviously better than wearing high heels because the foot position is temporary.Putting a ' Barbie foot ' may make you look taller and your calves may look more muscular, but the This pose is not recommended in the long run because you can get calf shortening and pain and inflation along the ball of the foot. " – Bobby Pourziaee, DPM, also known as" The High Heel Doc "of Rodeo Drive Podiatry

"As a global cultural icon for nearly 60 years, Barbie has often referred to cultural trends that she did not kha or brand -sponsored. Today, Barbie has the most diverse doll line on the market with a variety of skin colors, body sizes, hair textures, and even dolls with flat feet that resonate with consumers. " – Mattel spokesperson


The best shoes to wear on any summer trip (or #revolvearoundtheworld activation) are not to wear anything! As far as bikinis, beaches, and boats are concerned, ' Barbie feet ' is like the invisible flush of the current Lucite heel. – They are deceptively elongated and good for posture and give a whole new meaning to being naked. " – Anna Tran, brand director at Revolve and Forward

" As we spent most of July in Bermuda for #RevolveSummer, we noticed a trend among almost all influencers balancing their toes without them a high heel. They immediately looked one leg taller, the calf muscles magically defined, and everyone seemed more energetic (including their buttocks). It ' s hard not to like ' Barbie feet ' if the outcome is better in the pictures. Why set limits on lengthening yourself just because you’re barefoot? Even Instagram pros are doing it. " – Justine Cuenco, brand manager at Revolve and Forward

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