A Trend I Prefer To Wear Than Jeans (I Know)

A Trend I Prefer To Wear Than Jeans (I Know)

Okay, I know a lot of people will approach me when I admit there is a fashion item that is even more beautiful than jeans but listen to me. Although jeans are really the backbone of my wardrobe most of the time, lately I ' ve been pushing them for something as versatile, low-key, and cool as my beloved denim but more new and newer, in my humble opinion. The trend in question? Faux leather pants.

Leather pants have always been a winter staple in my book and I can't imagine going through the season without even a go-to pair, but as we move towards spring, my obsession only grows. And I know I’m not alone either. I have the intel that Who What Wear readers are buying the style in droves and based on my own Instagram feed, I also include the fashion crowd here. So if you ' re ready to keep up with the trendy leather pants, I ' ve put together an edit of the best faux leather pants I ' ve looked at so far.

Trust me when I say you will be impressed. in the quality of these buttery-soft vegan leather pants.

These very soft tan pants are a great alternative to the classic black.

Open Edit is one of Nordstrom's most popular in-house brands.

You can ' t go wrong with Levi ' s.

They seem to be more expensive than $ 59.

Sweatpants, meet leather pants.

You can trust Spanx anytime to look impressive.

I fell in love with this beautiful milk chocolate.

Vegan leather is better than real leather.

I love the foldover waist on these beautiful pants by Eloquii.

River Island is really bringing its A-game.

This beige color is very chic. Wear these pants with a camel coat for a cool tonal look.

It's a step away from your workout leggings, that's for sure.

I love the brilliance of these patented versions.

Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and J.Lo are loving flares today.

These pants are made using recycled materials, so they are great for the sustainability-minded.

I didn't know I needed blue leather pants until now.

Its a very nice paper-bag waist.

Rag & Bone didn't disappoint me.

Another fantastic option from Eloquii.

A very luxurious option if you want to splurge.

Wide leg pants are very trendy today.

White leather is a bit surprising — in a good way.

Next, Jennifer Aniston and J.Lo both wore a denim trend that I replaced with skinny jeans of .

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