Amy Lefévre ' s Jacket Collection Deserves Applause

Amy Lefévre ' s Jacket Collection Deserves Applause

Only one word can describe how digital creator and model Amy Lefévre feels in her wardrobe: obsessed.

Lefévre takes us to her dream temporary closet in Austin, Texas, which is overflowing. of seasonally. clothing and a few pieces of cold weather that Lefévre could not part with despite the heat of Texas.

Lefévre's closet has two rooms in his home. Her first closet contained most of her accessories and shoes, including more than one bag from BY FAR .

“Everyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed— [19] 4590 obsessed— with BY FAR, "he said.

Lefévre also showed us a vintage Louis Vuitton bag that won’t go out of style. He got it from his mother, who bought it when he lived in Paris a few years ago.

Despite the warm weather, Lefévre brought his epic jacket collection to Texas. , along with his favorite leather jacket from local Austin brand Understated .

"They have very nice leather," he said

Another favorite of his was a bold suede jacket from The Arrivals [194590009] °, but it's like, ' Yeah, I'll let you in anyway. ' "

In terms of shoes, when Lefévre finds the style he likes, he gets it in a lot colors, such as ] strappy sandal silhouette from Song of Style which he owns in blue and cream.

Although it ' s quite impressive Lefévre’s collection of heels, his favorite shoes in his closet could be his sneakers er, including a sneaker. pair of New Balance 530s that he always wore.

"I'm a lesbian, so I'm obsessed with sneakers," he added.

Since Lefévre's temporary home in Austin, he took advantage of the space and turned a guest bedroom into a second wardrobe. .

"I'm from New York, where there aren't big wardrobes, so I have to take advantage of it," he said.

Lefévre may have been the number one fan of tie-dye, as he owns a lot of tie. – dye sweaters from brands such as Bandier and Campbell and Kramer .

Lefévre likes beautiful flowy dresses including a pastel pink dress from LoveShackFancy and a silk slip dress from A A .

"They're flowy and very perfect for 100-degree weather," he says.

The standout-only piece in Lefévre's current wardrobe collection is a white, cloudy Matoshi lyrics dress meant to be worn on the red carpet.

"If I'm ever invited to a gala, it's best to believe this is what I'm going to wear," he added.

Discover Lefévre's magical wardrobe below! [19659002] Continue to scroll to shop some of our favorites in Lefévre's closet.


Normcore, but make it trendy.

[19459994] pair of cowboy boots.

Pretty in pink.

Beautiful in pink.

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The perfect fall bag.

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