British Vogue celebrates models of African descent for February 2022

British Vogue celebrates models of African descent for February 2022

Month after month, Edward Enninful is driving British Vogue to new heights. The publication continues new ways at the kiosks. Now the magazine is celebrating models of African descent with two bold and powerful February 2022 covers. Adut Akech, Anok Yai, Majesty Amare, Amar Akway, Janet Jumbo, Maty Fall, Nyagua Ruea, Abény Nhial and Akon Changkou step in front of Rafael Pavarotti's lens. UK Vogue February 2022 by Rafael Pavarotti PICTURE: VOGUE .CO.UK

The covers sparked debate on our forums. “Oh what a beauty the first cover is! The group picture isn't that impressive…" commented Slayage.

"I like Adut's solo cover. I like the pose very sultry and regal…Edward should have stopped doing that because the group cover does absolutely nothing," noted THD96.

"Adut Akech's solo cover was the only cover needed here because the image itself is just so incredibly bold and powerful…" reiterated vogue28.

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"I'm all for an epic group photo with women of color. But when everything is dark, nothing is noticeable,” criticized Mikel . LastNight pointed this out.

MON wasn't interested in the multiple model offering: "The second cover is terrible. I understand what they were aiming for, but it's just horribly done. These women deserve better. Why would you use that background, styling and hairdo that takes so much away from their beautiful faces?"

"This could have been a lot more dynamic if there were five or fewer models on the cover. It's way too crowded at the moment and weakens the strength of the image," explained Frederic01.

"It's disappointing and I usually really like Pavarotti's work," admitted marsnoop2.[19659010]UK Vogue February 2022 by Rafael Pavarotti” width=”636″ height=”857″ />


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