Calling All Curvy Girls: I Found 24 of the Internet's Stunning Swimsuits

Calling All Curvy Girls: I Found 24 of the Internet's Stunning Swimsuits

The Swimsuit season is in full effect, which means all the string bikinis sandals, and all -day trips to the beach that your heart desires and you handle SPF. Going to the pool, beach, or wherever you’re headed is the easy part, but shopping for the perfect suit is a bit tricky.

There are many styles of swimwear out there, but we all have different levels of comfort. If you’re in a barely there, controversial bikini trend or want to be a bit more modest, shopping for swimwear has proven to be more difficult when the curve in the equation . Let's be honest: Many swimwear brands incorrectly design their suits with lush bodies, so if you're curvy, like me, you've learned to keep a smart eye on which brands fit the bill. After some thorough research (aka revisiting some of my favorite curvy influencers) and a bit of swimwear shopping for myself, I found a collection of stunning Hot Girl Summer approved swimsuits (and curvy girl ). Trust me – you’ll want to get your hands on it.

Why yes, I'm totally obsessed.

Good American recently launched a new swim collection designed to fit a diverse range of body types. Choose a match Always Right on Perfect Top ($ 50).

Definitely a "wear at your own risk" type of suit , but if you don’t mind a bit of coverage, this bikini is crazy and affordable.

Editor's tip: Most Ansea suits go up to a size of 2x. Purchase a matching Reversible High Waist Bottom ($ 145).

I can't get rid of this legit beautiful shade of green. Purchase a matching Balconette Bikini Top ($ 18).

Simple but elegant.

YouSwim takes a unique approach to size than the other brands. Brand suits are one size fits all, most accepting bodies from size 2 to 14 and cup sizes from size A to G.

Because everyone needs a a bomb.

I hope you don't mind all the eyes staring at you because they certainly will be while in this stunning suit.

I didn't lie when I told you that H&M is the GOAT that cheap, stylish bikini. Shop for matching Bikini Bottoms ($ 15).

Since the three-piece swimsuit style is trending today, we suggest splurging on the coordinating sarong. Shop the matching Marina Satin Cheeky Bottom ($ 85).

No, we will never give up the animal print.

If you're busty, here's another brand you'll want to look for. Shop the matching Riveria Bottom ($ 82).

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Suddenly, I felt inspired to book a trip.

This is the ring detail for me. Shop for matching Bikini Bottoms ($ 8).

Can you tell that I am on a piece of the shoulder?

From front-tie detail to printed fashion- girl cow, there are many things to like about this bikini. Shop for matching Side Tie Bottoms ($ 46).

If you're looking for pleasure, I've definitely found it.

A simple white bikini will never be avoided.

Calling it now: This is the next swimwear brand that ready to explode. Shop for compatible Novas Bottoms ($ 60).

A classic.

I'm a fan of Loney's gorgeous one-minute sleeper, and the brand's swim collection is also remarkable. Shop for matching Joey High-Waisted Briefs ($ 100).

Definitely a struggle to find bikini tops for the bigger cup size, You covered Raq. The label offers bikinis in sizes up to 36K. Shop for matching 90 ' s Briefs ($ 40).

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