5 Classic Pieces You Shouldn't Keep Clean From Your Almete

Listen, we all make mistakes, but cleaning your closet a little bit also is much at all familiar to me. I’ll get a cleaning kick and end up cleaning my closet with a few wardrobe staples that I almost immediately regret giving up. Then I buy them again a few weeks or months later because I miss them in my closet. This is a bad cycle.

So, learn from my mistakes and make sure you hold on to this basic fashion element . From the polished blazer to wear anywhere from the office to lunchtime to clean white sneakers that include almost everything in your closet, below are five classic wardrobe investments that you should not eliminate.

the ultimate go-to piece. Not only are they polished, but they’re also one of those pieces that makes even the basic jeans-and-a-T-shirt outfit cool. While the popularity fluctuates from each season, they haven’t … Read more

5 Definitely Cool To Find It-Girls Will Be Hugged This Season

It ' s easy to think of the fashion community as a large, monolithic, but in reality, it is a diverse mosaic of different subculture styles. One of which I often find myself referenced is the stylish, epic girl. A broad category in itself, it’s a little Y2K, a coconut girl sprinkle, with a dash of town sense. You’ll find equal pieces of vintage and micro-trends in their wardrobe, along with many emerging labels. In other words, they're the crowd to look for when you need to know which trends to keep your eyes peeled for. Fortunately knowing takes a little more than hopping on Instagram to check out what’s brewing in the it-girl fashion scene. After browsing through a host of my favorite style accounts, it wasn’t long before some trends emerged from amongst outfit photos and mirror selfies. Given the popularity of all things Y2K and retro, some
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They Found Them: 13 Mascaras That Won't Bump into Your Eyes

If you have sensitive or easily irritated eyes, you know how annoying it can be. Not only do you experience discomfort and itching, but your eyes can also appear red and watery, so everyone might think you ' re crying when you ' re just bored that your eyes are sticking out. !

And if you have sensitive eyes, you know it's important to look for products that won't irritate them anymore. Especially includes eye ​​makeup such as eyeliner and mascara . Hypoallergenic eye makeup products are usually free of any irritants that can cause redness or irritation. These are also a good idea because sometimes eyeliners or mascaras can turn pale or flake and get into your eyes or get stuck in your contacts if you wear them.

To help you find the best hypoallergenic mascaras for sensitive eyes, take a look at some of the options below.

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Gen Z Celebs Are All About 5 Trends In This Fall Boot

There is no doubt that Gen Gen is ready to solidify the Hollywood takeover any minute now. For starters, they got 25-year-old Zendaya headlining blockbuster films, 21-year-old Yara Shahidi developing her own kind of activism, and 21-year- old Addison Rae successfully crosses from TikTok influencer to bona fide celebrity. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What do all these Gen Zers have in common? A great sense of style, of course. Below, I’ve rounded up five boot trends that are common themes among teens, including Olivia Rodrigo, Willow Smith, Lily-Rose Depp, our October 2020 cover star Emma Chamberlain and many more. Plus, purchase an editor-approved fall boots that align with every trend.

On Olivia Rodrigo: Omighty top; Unif skirt; Boots by Marc Jacobs; Crap Eyewear Sweet Leaf Sunglasses ($ 89)

On Willow Smith: Louis Vuitton coat

In Emma Chamberlain: Alessandra Rich dress; Marc Jacobs boots

On Addison Rae:
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5 Brands With Best Wide Cow Boots

Finding the perfect pair of boots can be more difficult than you think, especially if you're looking for a pair that comes just below, at, or above the knee. The hard factor? Landing on a pair that fits perfectly with your calves-not too tight or too loose, but just right. If you have wider calves, you might think that a pair of knee -high boots that you can actually wear don't exist, but there you go wrong. They do-it will only take a little more digging to find them, and the search begins with knowing which boot brands actually offer wide calf styles .

If you are shopping for a pair online, a great way to find out about fit is to read through customer reviews, many of which speak to fit and whether or not they work. well on wide or narrow calves. Since you don't have all on … Read more

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