Everything in Paris Is In These Swimsuit Trends

Everything in Paris Is In These Swimsuit Trends

Summer has finally arrived in Paris and on warmer days there are new wonders: Which swimming trend should I use this summer? Personally, I’ve been addicted to swimwear trends throughout my entire life, with a tendency (which isn’t super French I have to admit) to follow them lightly and recklessly. But the passing of the years and the change of my body has led me to ask myself the following question: Does it make sense to give in to every single Instagram trend when it comes to swimwear? Here are some thoughts and my swimsuit to choose for the summer.

True there are some cool brands that come through thanks to Instagram (and I was the first to wear them), but I believe that when it comes to swimwear, it's good to always have a classic two in your luggage. For example, in France, Eres is the classic brand worn by women for generations. Now, I know the pieces are expensive, but at the same time, they are absolutely worth it and the quintessence of classic French chic. Of course, no one should steal a bank to get a suit, and there are affordable alternatives that we can also consider classic and timeless. Here are some examples.

Crochet bikinis and other Instagram trends are great, but nothing beats the basics. Another brand that I have fallen in love with is Matteau Swim. I’ve been following it since the beginning, and what I like is that it provides great options for many body types. In my case, I lost a few pounds between last summer and this year, but the suits still fit me like a glove.

I can't address this topic without including a bit of cliché here, right? Whenever I get bored with the basics and classics, I want to wear some printed suit. And not just any prints: Polka dots (duh), pink gingham, and antique floral prints I threw away.

There is no better time than summer to have a little fun. For me, Hunza G (another cool “Insta brand”) perfectly reflects this, and whenever I come across one of those beautiful art -directed photos, of course, I also think of Elle Macpherson, but as well as Stéphanie de Monaco (for those who don’t know her, I encourage you to google her). The whole vibe just reminds me of the 80s, a time when showing a curvier figure was the norm.

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