Everything You Need to Know About Refrigerating Your Beauty Products

Everything You Need to Know About Refrigerating Your Beauty Products

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If you’ve ever applied chilled eye cream, you know it feels amazing, but storing eye cream in the fridge does more than feel good — it helps the cream more effectively fight wrinkles and undereye bags/swelling. Ditto for face masks. Before you go overboard and install a mini fridge by your vanity, note that not all beauty products benefit from refrigeration. In fact, some even become less effective when stored in cool temperatures.

According to skin care expert and celebrity dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, once you decide to refrigerate a product, you’ll need to return it to the fridge immediately after using it because products can separate if exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations. As a rule of thumb, organic/natural products should be stored in cool temperatures since they’re formulated without preservatives. But what about everything else? Gross breaks down everything you need to know about refrigerating your beauty products.


“These are especially great to keep in the refrigerator if you suffer from rosacea. The chilled moisturizer is like a cold press on the skin, which calms the skin. But check the ingredients before putting moisturizers in the fridge — oil-based products (like coconut oil) could turn solid.”


“When cold products are applied, your capillaries shrink and stimulate drainage to reduce puffiness. But as I mentioned above, you want to check the ingredients. Oil and water can separate when put in the fridge, which will change the consistency.”

SPF Products

“You should definitely put SPF in the fridge, it prolongs the life of the product. Actually, I have some patients who prefer the feeling of the SPF when it is cold. If keeping it cold increases the compliance of wearing sunscreen, I approve.”


“Lipstick is a good one to keep in the fridge, it will prevent it from melting. Any wax-based cosmetic product will benefit from being put in the fridge. It will stay ‘fresh’ longer because the cold keeps all of the ingredients’ integrity intact. If you put eyeliner in the fridge, apparently it makes the wax more solid so you can make a more precise line.”


“You can keep these in the fridge. It will increase its life similar to SPF.”

Hair Products

“If your hair products don’t have any preservatives in them or they are homemade, you should keep them in the fridge. Otherwise, it is unnecessary.”

Body Wash/Soap

“The melting point of soap is 120 degrees Fahrenheit. So unless it’s very, very hot, you likely won’t need to put soap in the refrigerator.”


“You definitely want to make sure that this is stored away from excessive heat so if it’s a crazy hot day, you can move it into the refrigerator. Although typically, it is not necessary.”

Nail Polish

Contrary to popular belief, nail polish should not be refrigerated because the cold may cause it to thicken and, once taken out of the fridge, it will likely take a while to warm up and become usable.

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