February 2022 by Janet Jackson Grace's Allure

February 2022 by Janet Jackson Grace's Allure

Throughout 2021, Allure just wasn't the magazine for us. (Excluding covers starring Jennifer Lopez and Pat McGrath.) Not even covers starring Alicia Keys, Normani, Normani Ariana Grande, or Barbie Ferreira were enough to pull the publication out of its trough. Now that Jessica Cruel is at the helm, we're hopeful about the future of the magazine. This month's offering is headlined by none other than music queen Janet Jackson. For February 2022, the iconic Rick Owens is adorned in Tom Munro's stunning image, courtesy of stylist Patti Wilson. For the majority of our forum members, the end result was a feast for the eyes. "Glad to see Janet!" applauded KINGofVERSAILLES.

"You can't go wrong with a legend like Janet!" proclaimed [Piece Of Me].

"I like the direction they've taken for her, she looks from another world," added FashionMuseDior.

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VogueGirl8910 shared the same opinion: "Nice to see her again… I think the result fits the theme of the modern Egyptian queen in a futuristic way."

"Love it, very loyal to the brand and happy to see their cover magazines again," said Urban Stylin.

But not everyone felt it. “Tom Munro is great when he wants to be, but the effort here is mediocre. Janet looks absolutely mummified and frozen. The Dune styling doesn't do her any favours," stressed an underwhelmed mepps.

"It's a definite NO from me… Everything looks amateurish and despite the presence of someone from Janet Jackson's physique, it feels like nothing," criticized vogue28.

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