For 2 Days Only, You Can Buy All of My Ride-or-Die Beauty Staples for 20% Off

For 2 Days Only, You Can Buy All of My Ride-or-Die Beauty Staples for 20% Off

Being the beauty-loving product hoarder that I am, there’s nothing I love more than a surprise sale at a retailer that just so happens to sell a majority of my most-used products (aka, the things I run out of the fastest). In the spirit of savings, Dermstore is having a two-day-only Beauty Discovery Event where you can get 20% off selected brands and SKUs with the code JOY and double points on almost anything else (so exciting).

I’m always getting asked about my personal routine and ride-or-die beauty products, so I’m celebrating Dermstore’s event by sharing 20 items that are currently 20% off and that I use on a weekly—but mostly daily—basis. Keep scrolling. They come with my highest recommendation.

This is the sunscreen I use religiously as someone with tiny albeit very acne- and clog-prone pores. If you want a 100% reliable insurance policy against SPF-induced breakouts, this is the only formula you’ll ever need.

Letting my skin and hair sleep on anything other than Slip’s pure silk pillowcase is basically akin to nails on a chalkboard for me. Translation: intolerable.

I’m not a huge tool person (so many read gimmicky to me), but I love this celebrity-approved lifting roller from Nurse Jamie. It definitely bumps up my circulation for a healthy glow while noticeably helping to sculpt and lift.

I love luxurious body lotions with unholy price tags as much as the next person, but, friends, you don’t need to be spending more than $15 on a body moisturizer to get amazing results. This one from Weleda is deeply hydrating and leaves your skin gleaming. It’s probably my favorite body lotion formula of all time. Don’t sleep on it.

This rich, reparative face cream is an A-list trade secret for super-healthy skin. And, not surprisingly, it’s fabulously French. I don’t apply makeup without it!

I’ve been using this brightening serum for years and plan on keeping it in my arsenal until A) my dying day or B) it’s discontinued. (By Terry, please, never!) Lightweight and sheer, it gives your skin the prettiest veil of moisturizing radiance thanks to elegant additions like rose stem cells and reflective pearl pigments. Use it alone, before your makeup, or mixed into your foundation. It’s become a nonnegotiable step in my makeup routine.

People are always surprised when I tell them my haircare routine only consists of three to five products outside of shampoo and conditioner. This magical hair elixir takes care of all of my ills in one fell swoop, and it smells as if it were alchemized by angels. No other product I’ve tried can compete.

Retro packaging aside (I’m a sucker for anything that drips vintage inspiration), this is my absolute favorite hair oil when I want to add shine and softness to my style after the fact. It’s lightweight—never greasy—and it makes your hair shimmer with shine. I can’t get enough of it. 

This non-stripping, scalp-invigorating shampoo from Philip B (a god) saves me every time. It’s not harsh or abrasive on your strands like most clarifying formulas are, but it still manages to lift away built-up product and debris without skipping a beat. It also helps kick volume, shine, and moisture levels into overdrive, and the cooling minty-fresh sensation you get on your scalp is spa-level fantastic.

Hailey Bieber loves this cult protective cream from French brand Avène, and I do too. (Need I say more?) It’s ultra calming, it restores the skin barrier, and I even use it as a secret weapon to soothe random irritations like bug bites. Magic in a tube, my friends.

A more iconic and beloved micellar water does not exist. I depend on this French staple as step one of my double-cleanse routine and on those super-late nights—you know what I mean—when I’m overly tipsy (whoops) and can’t bring myself to finish my whole routine.

This anti-aging eye cream helps iron out fine lines, dial up brightness, and boost hydration. It’s an investment but a worthy one, so you might as well snap it up while it’s $20 cheaper!

I always felt meh about neck-improving products until I discovered this multitasking gem from Tracie Martyn. It has a devout celeb following, and it’s become a nightly ritual that yields instant gratification in the tightening, firming, and hydrating departments. 

Almost every self-tanning brand has debuted a copy-cat version of this cult-loved formula from St. Tropez. It’s express, customizable, and the absolute best on the market IMO as a borderline self-tanning savant. Wear it for one hour for a light summer glow or for hours on end before rinsing off for a super-deep yet believable tan. Some pro tips: Make sure you rinse thoroughly with warm water only once you’re in the shower, and I also recommend using a tanning mitt rather than your hands to ensure an even, velvety-smooth application.

I was obsessed with these super-cooling eye gels even before I became a beauty editor and discovered they’re a stealthy trade secret within the makeup-artist community and a must for A-list clients pre–red carpet. I’ve yet to try a better eye gel to help immediately shrink eye puff, tighten fine lines or pillow-induced wrinkles, and pretty much recontour my entire eye area in less than 15 minutes. The effective recipe includes elastin, ginkgo biloba, and CoQ10. (Store them in the fridge, and thank me *even more* later.)

Fun fact: I used this wild rose– and vitamin C–studded sleeping facial back in college and had the dewy, even, glowing skin of my current daydreams. I recently revisited it, and it’s still just as miraculous on dull, tired-looking skin as I remembered it to be. If you’re the type who likes to wake up to better-looking skin than you went to bed with, try this. 

I naturally have super-fine hair, which I choose to sabotage further by bleaching regularly. People are always stunned as to how much hair I have considering and how fast it grows. I’ve tried quite a few hair supplements at this point, and these are the ones I recommend most often. I swear their power lies in the addition of zinc—just make sure you take it with food since the mineral is known to cause nausea if taken on an empty stomach.

Come summertime, people are always shocked by my smooth, hairless bikini line because—wait for it—I don’t wax, sugar, or get any other fancy-schmancy hair-removal treatment. That said, I did get the area lasered a few years ago, but I definitely still get regular hair growth, even if it’s sparser than it would be normally. I truly regret the years I went without a separate cream for my sensitive areas. How much ingrown hair and super-uncomfy irritation could I have avoided if only I had had Fur’s soothing and smoothing Stubble Cream? I apply it the second I get out of the shower or bathtub wherever I’m freshly shaven, and it’s like a magic potion for preventing sensitivity, bumps, and any other ills. It’s my secret for flawlessly smooth, soft, and even-looking skin down there. 

Don’t get me wrong: I love this creamsicle-like hand cream from the Australian brand Grown Alchemist (so obviously I would re-buy regardless), but it’s also become one of the most-requested products whenever my friends come over. It’s non-greasy and effortlessly transforms cranky hands and cuticles thanks to high-quality ingredients like rose hip, orange peel, wheat germ, grape seed, and sea buckthorn. 

These single hydrogel masks from 111Skin are spendy, but the results are super satisfying and pretty quantifiable when A) it’s slashed in price and B) if you think of it as a once-in-a-while splurge pre-event or big night out. 

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