Gisele Bündchen's Vogue Hong Kong, April 2021, looks terribly familiar

Gisele Bündchen's Vogue Hong Kong, April 2021, looks terribly familiar

This year is looking good for Vogue Hong Kong, thanks to Kat Yeung's impeccable selection of cover stars. We were treated to a model extravaganza for February, and the magazine last month gave us Kate Moss on three covers. Now Gisele Bündchen is performing for April. For the occasion, the team traveled to Costa Rica with the supermodel, who was adorned with three looks from Christian Dior's spring 2021 collection (selected by stylist Bobette Cohn) and designed by Kevin O'Brien for three collector's covers in the lush wilderness was photographed


The covers immediately caught the attention of our forum members. "Geez, I predicted this would be the same hippie crap Gisele has been giving us for the past ten years. Regardless of that, it's very beautiful and the second cover is probably the best, ”said GERGIN .

"She looks good … The role of Mother Earth that she played is just a nuisance at this point. Please serve us heavy glamazon ”, pleaded THD96 .

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“You cannot convince me that these were not recycled from the photo shoots of their former nature lovers in recent years. " 90sbea pointed out.

" I refuse to believe it's a new shoot, "repeated mikel .

" She looks great in these pictures although I feel like I've seen it before, ” Joromana agreed.

Urban Stylin shared the same feeling: “Gisele for the sustainable theme with lots of green, so groundbreaking! She looks great, especially on the second cover, but it's all predictable. "

" She looks beautiful on all three covers, but I would have liked to have seen something different from her, "remarked Sensation .

  Vogue Hong Kong April 2021: Gisele Bündchen by Kevin O'Brien


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