Grace Elizabeth Is All Smiles on Vogue Germany’s May 2022 Cover

Grace Elizabeth Is All Smiles on Vogue Germany’s May 2022 Cover

The last time a cover of Vogue Germany took our fancy was five months ago when Kendall Jenner helped the magazine close out 2021. Recently, the German fashion bible has undergone some major changes. First there was Christiane Arp‘s shocking departure, followed by her replacement Stephanie Neureuter’s exit. Now Kerstin Weng is the publication’s head of editorial content. For May 2022, the latter brings us Grace Elizabeth smiling before the lens of Paul Wetherell. The all-American beauty and Estée Lauder ambassador sports a knitted sweater from Prada’s Spring 2022 collection selected by stylist Elizabeth Fraser-Bell.


The majority of our forum members were pleasantly surprised. “I’m finally looking forward to receiving an issue of Vogue Germany,” admitted annikad.

“Perhaps the best Vogue Germany has looked in what feels like forever. The cover feels fresh, there’s some life in it (unlike last month‘s cover) and Grace Elizabeth is just too beautiful and worthy of these Vogue covers that I cannot help but to…like this!” voiced vogue28.

“Simple yet fresh!” exclaimed FashionMuseDior.

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“She’s the most beautiful girl around, a classic beauty,” admired ivano.

But aracic is far from impressed. “That’s how my hair looks when I wake up after a night out. It’s not a cover-worthy look.”

“Styling is…how shall I say…plain hideous,” declared Bertrando3. “She’s a gorgeous model, but the horrible sweater paired with that awful hairstyle, just nope.”

Xone was in the same frame of mind: “Love Grace, but terrible styling. I understand they wanted something fresh and colorful, but no…”

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