Hailey Bieber Tries Out a New Look for Allure’s May 2022 Cover

Hailey Bieber Tries Out a New Look for Allure’s May 2022 Cover

Since Jessica Cruel took over from Michelle Lee at Allure, we admit the magazine has dropped somewhat from our radar. (With the exception of the cover featuring living legend Janet Jackson.) The publication has our undivided attention this month, however, giving us Hailey Bieber for May 2022. The current face of Boss and Miu Miu makes her debut as an Allure cover star sporting an encrusted bodysuit from Burberry’s Spring 2022 collection (selected by Coco Cassibba) and pink hair before the lens of Zoey Grossman.


The majority of our forum members aren’t feeling it. “It really looks like bubble gum. I want to buy some after that — gum, not the mag,” voiced ivano.

“I thought I was going to see her with brown hair. Instead, we get this bubble-gum pink approach, which will attract attention, but in recent times Allure has produced too many covers that seem designed to appeal to young teenagers…” tigerrouge pointed out.

“As with almost everything Hailey has shot in her modeling career, it looks cheap,” proclaimed Ghesquiere32.

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BlueRuin agrees: “Cheap, cheap, cheap.”

“Hailey dear, you’ve been modeling since 2014… It’s a considerable amount of time to answer the question everyone wants to know: When are you going to show something good?” asked DK92.

Although not everyone is unsatisfied. “Love this cover!” exclaimed Handbag Queen.

“This is the best cover Allure has produced since…Jennifer Lopez for March 2021. Despite the questionable hair, I like the overload of pink, which feels fresh, clean and appropriate for a May cover. Never mind the sight of Hailey Bieber, either, to be completely honest…” added vogue28.

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