Here's Where I Marked Summer's 5 Biggest Trends for Funny Good Prices

Here's Where I Marked Summer's 5 Biggest Trends for Funny Good Prices

Welcome to On the Hunt a series where we reveal our latest affordable Walmart searches. From wardap staples and stylish accessories to the best in home decor and beauty, expect to find exceptional items at even more impressive prices.

View: I love being a fashion editor and following trends. I really am. But I would be lying if I said it wasn’t expensive. Styles are coming and going in waves, and my bank account just can’t keep up. With super cute items bubbling up in the scene right now — tops with ruched detailing, flatforms, dressed matching sets (let’s meet, sweats), and puff sleeves, to name a few-I’m looking for places where I can They snatch everything for prices that do not crumble my wallet.

While on my mission to find fashion trends on a low budget, I reached out to Ellenor Kim whose cool, casual- looks to fill my saved Instagram folder with luxe. Not only is she worthy of style, but she is also credited Walmart for some of her favorite outfits. “The pieces I see from the site look more expensive than they actually are, which is always the goal,” he told me. This summer, she gathers items from retail that keep her trend right. Read the story to see what he took.

"I love a match set right now," Kim told me. "I can wear them with all the things I'm starting to dress up – brunch, beach, and date night with my husband."

Not only do I live for the green color of this skirt and top (are the bright colors slowly replacing the neutral ones in anyone’s closet or just me?), But the surprising detail is one that creates a variety of designs these days. It adds a fun, intriguing touch to any piece.

As for shoes? The flatforms are, IMO, where it is, and apparently, Kim is on my level with a black and white (ruched!) Pair. “I would definitely wear them with dresses or skirts because they’re pretty casual but still chic,” she told me. "I really want to wear something that looks pretty formal and then dress it up with flatforms."

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Tops with sharp sleeves are the gift that continues to give – seriously. Every year, they just come back bigger and better, and they don’t slow down anytime soon. Kim’s white, flared blouse is perfect for everyday because it’s not too puffy but gives the right amount of oomph .

I want Kim to keep her neutral in a pair of black, braided flat sandals and a macrame-style bag. "Braided anything has always been a staple for my California style, so you can see me in the braided sandals that are almost all my garments." And the tan bucket bag Kim used for the same look? It goes perfectly in the summer.

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