I & # 039; m 55 – Here Are 10 Things I Do Before Video Calls to Look More Photogenic

I & # 039; m 55 – Here Are 10 Things I Do Before Video Calls to Look More Photogenic

If you've read our beauty content on Who What Wear for a while, you probably already know one of our favorite lifestyle, beauty, and fashion bloggers, Melissa Meyers (also known as The Glow Girl ). Not only is Meyers practically a useful one when it comes to navigating clean, non-toxic beauty, but he also likes to regularly share his best tips and tricks when it comes to aging. Encouragingly, Meyers is about embracing the aging process and empowering women to be the best version of themselves – whether it jumps and experimenting with clean makeup products hug self -tanners (instead of days), or just knowing the best and most effective hacks.

Being the font of the knowledge that he was and in the light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we reached out to Meyers for his best makeup and skin tips – quarantine edition. Now that everyone is under strict stay-at-home orders and making video calls all the time is completely normal, we asked Meyers to share her best skin care tips and makeup. In other words, what can we do to make photogenic and as bright-eyed as possible possible? Keep scrolling for the 10 beauty tricks that Meyers always follows before jumping in front of his screen.

Yes, that's a lot! According to Meyers, one of her most treasured secrets for looking refreshed and keeping her skin plump and hydrated is to prepare her pre-camera skin with a face mask focused on her main concerns. on the skin and using a separate masking formula to address the delicate eye area.

"This certified-organic treatment mask uses rose-hip seeds and quartz to smooth and smooth the skin, "he explained to me, noting that this is a great way to prepare the complexion before facing a day full of Zoom calls.


"The award-winning eye masks are a quick, easy to adjust for de-puffing and reduces dark circles under the eyes, "Meyers said. "It will pop for 15 minutes in the morning to help brighten my eyes for the day." ] cloudy skin with coverage that mimics the health of your natural skin. The best way to do this? Season your canvas with a luxe oil to aid in hydration. To further enhance your radiance, Meyers wants to activate the oil on her complexion using the pink quartz gua sha tool.

"Hydrating and anti-aging, this natural, collagen-boosting face oil Creates a perfect canvas on the main skin for the look of that no-makeup makeup, "said Meyers who co-created this specific formula with Olie.

"The tool it should have from clean lines of beauty Miranda Kerr helps massage any facial oil on the skin while removing all TMJ kinks – this is a daily ritual that keeps me shining, "Meyers swears.

Yep – your skin can still reap damage from the sun or from the blue light emitted from your laptop and phone. Meyers told me she wanted to multitask with SPF coverage and protection by choosing light BB creams or tint moisturizers that soften and spread the look of her skin for video calls while hiding any potentially harmful lighting.

"This unique formula is my go-to for the colorful coverage and protection of the sun – it is light and leaves the skin soft," Meyers shares.


He was also a fan of Ilia's latest skin wonder, a weightless, light covering tinted serum containing hyaluronic acid and SPF. “This new multitasker leaves the skin with a dull finish and 18 shades,” he compliments.

Meyers told me he wanted to play with his eyes when he was preparing for a full day of video calls or photos Is his secret? Creamy, bronze eye shadow and some concealer for a dose of strategic camouflage. He also recommends sticking clean formulas, which can be less irritating to the sensitive area of ​​the eye that discourages any pesky redness.

"I love how this bronze shade helps the eyes appear on the Zoom screen and also takes care of the sensitive skin around the eyes," he said. Meyers.

If your goal is to look brighter (especially for dawn video calls), Meyers says this is the perfect opportunity to add a light, hydrating concealer to your ready mix. Just tap a piece of formula wherever you have shadows and circles, and then dab and mix it up to disperse so you don’t end up with buildup or annoying movement.

Sure, almost any mask will catch your eye and improve your lash line, but for those looking to enhance your natural lashes (which are thin as we age) , Meyers recommends choosing a clean formula enhanced with growth- and thickness strengthening conditioners and ingredients. Not only will your lashes receive instant gratification, but they can grow stronger and be healthier over time.

"The mascara of this condition has a perfect applicant – the formula nourishes the lashes and gives them a lot of thickness and length," Meyers shares.

wax poetic about the importance of maintaining, shaping, and maintaining your browsers. (Like our eyelashes, the thin ones can be thin and lose their shade and luster as we age.) Fortunately, no one can handle a good eyebrow pencil.

"This is the color of universal beautifully mixed eyebrow hair pencil to make it look thicker and darker," Meyers told me.

Adding a pop of creamy color to your cheeks can make all the difference when it comes to looking neat, youthful, and vibrant. In fact, you’ll want to walk a little further into your application than you would like to face face-to-face because color is less reflected in your video calls. (Same for your mascara application!)

"Pick up the organic redness on the apples on your cheek to keep it looking alive and pink even after hours and hours of video calls , "Meyers suggested.

By now we all know that sitting in the sun (especially sans SPF) is one of the worst things you can do for your skin as we age. If you are going out for a lot of time, please douse yourself with sunscreen to keep skin damage. Or do like Meyers and fake the look of a sun-kiss glow with a nontoxic bronzer instead.

"This perfect warming powder creates the illusion of sun-kissed skin to look refreshing and healthy when your face is front and center on the screen , "Meyers shares.

The skin of youth is often associated with bright and shining skin, but that is not always possible – even for those of us who are 20 or 30! Therefore, wrinkle-, line-, and spot-diffusing highlights can be an addition to changing the game to your routine, and they can add a touch of warmth and radiance to your complexion. Just make sure you do not pick a formula that blinks too much or discover a ball at the end of it. It can really draw more attention to fine lines, structural issues, and more.

A best seller, this hydrating and calming luminizer is one of Meyers' favorites. She says it helps to soften and color the skin to give her complexion a little shimmery highlight that translates beautifully to the screen.

"This is a multi-purpose delivery with bright heat polish for the eyes, cheeks, and face," Meyers said. "The copper-gold color, in particular, looks gorgeous on all skin tones."

Last but not least, this natural highlighter comes in a stick form and delivers light reflecting light to highlight your favorite feature. "I hid it in my desk drawer and swiped it on my cheeks just before Zooming," Meyers added.

Lips (like our hands, neck, even our browsers) are one of the features that can be easily forgotten but can be a dead giveaway for your age. That’s not a bad thing, but it keeps your beating, shiny, and hydrated movements as a filter of sorts for lines, wrinkles, and volume loss, all of which can intensify as we age.

Meyers is a fan of silky, spiked gloss that feels soothing on the lips and is coming in different photogen shades. (She especially loves the shimmery nude color called Bliss.) Next time, I’ll be 55-These are the Fountain-of-Youth Makeup Hacks I Swear. This article was originally published at an earlier date and updated.

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