I ' ve Lived in Paris for 8.5 Years — This Is What French Women Always Wear

I ' ve Lived in Paris for 8.5 Years — This Is What French Women Always Wear

I am a big advocate for the capsule wardrobe — an armoire full of cherry-picked items that, to borrow from Marie Kondo, only gives me joy when wearing them. Conscious shopping is something I’ve also adopted over the past eight and a half years since moving to Paris, and it’s also something I coincidentally write about in my new book, Training in Parisienne: Secrets of Life From the City of Lights [19659003] which is no more.

I have found that Parisians are adept at choosing lasting pieces, are more likely to buy in fast fashion, and have a penchant for vintage and pre-loved clothing that they mix with more contemporary style. They certainly inspired my own style that was less trying than before, and now I’m investing in pieces that last: high basics that I can wear over and over again, like a black blazer, a nice pair of jeans, a trench coat, a shirt or a slip dress.

At first glance, you might think that a sleek and body-hugging slip dress should only be worn at elegant soirée, but its simple silhouette means it can actually be styled in many ways for different occasions, making it one of the most effortless and versatile pieces you can own. It’s easy to dress up or down and wear on everyone, regardless of the weather or your mood. Scroll down to see how I styled five ways.

I'm a blazer girl, but sometimes I want to replace it with an oversized denim jacket, which instantly enhances your look. Throw a comfortable sweater over the shoulders for cooler temperatures. This striped style has become my go-to and gives a nod to the city I live in.

No capsule, or French wardrobe if that is, complete without a nice white shirt. It also makes a great cover-up for a slip dress, dress it down so you don’t look too overdone. Use a massive style that fits today’s trends.

Slip dress looks great under the trench (perfect one with the same length). Pair it with long and thick boots for a casual but elegant lunch look.

The slip dress and knit are the perfect example of effortless dressing. I think it would work well for a dating night on a cold night as for the office combined with a blazer.

This is probably the easiest night look I know of: a slip dress paired with a blazer, a baguette, heels, and a smooth lipstick!

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