I ' m a Former Nordstrom Buyer — Here Are the 2022 Trends I Will and Won't Try

I ' m a Former Nordstrom Buyer — Here Are the 2022 Trends I Will and Won't Try

There is something about the start of the new year that compels the desire to refresh that wardrobe. For Susie Wright that would start with cleaning the closet to eventually discover new trends to include in her cycle. Because we turned to Wright regularly for style advice because of his experience in fashion as a former Nordstrom consumer and current stylist and blogger with So Susie we wanted to ask about the 2022 trend that he was eager to try. On the other hand, we also want to know about the pieces that she doesn’t like because it doesn’t work with her current style. Of course, remember that everything is based on preference, and you should always wear what you personally like.

Below you will find the trends that Wright loved and did not like. It’s there for everything from seasonal finds to elegant shoe silhouettes. Who knows? Perhaps the list below will provide inspiration for your wardrobe this year. Keep scrolling for more, along with visual inspiration and shopping picks.

In Wright: & Other Stories vest. "The vests are super stylish, easy to wear, and they add a layer of extra warmth. This comeback piece is very versatile. Wear it with a tee or a long-sleeved blouse, choose solid or pattern, pick of a sweater or puffer or knit. Whatever you do, have fun! "

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"Come 2022, I know I'd rather have a pretty relaxed one in my denim. A somewhat oversized blazer seems more updated and casual, less tight. It's one of my three favorite pieces. I wear mine on almost everything. "

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In Wright: Vince's dress. “When I enter the spring, I will wear lighter knitwear, but will definitely skip the ' nude ' clothes. ”


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In Wright: L ' Agence sweater. “I love the cutout trend, but for some of us, it can be a bit hard to wear, so I just stick to a hint of skin!”



In Wright: Fidelity jeans. "Yeah, I said — I rarely wear skinny ones these days. There's nothing wrong with them, I'm just wider-leg denim. The debate continues!"

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In Wright: Black Suede Studio boots. "Like I do a lighter colored boots then wear heavy boots throughout the winter — most are black of course. In 2022, be lighter. Also, they have so many uses, you wear them every day! ”


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[1965994] "Here is the animal print, so in 2022, I will try different patterns of any kind. This ocelot print is new and unique, and will be wonderful in denim or black. "]


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