I Asked 12 Black Women For Their Favorite Nude Lip Colors of All Time

I Asked 12 Black Women For Their Favorite Nude Lip Colors of All Time

As a fashion editor, I always think of bare lips products in the context of a closet: they look like the white t-shirt of your closet – not necessarily the most exciting thing in your collection, but definitely this is the hardest working. For all intents and purposes, choosing a bare shade is not exactly a walk in the park. Black women probably understand this better than anyone else: it took decades for makeup companies to recognize the diverse range of deep and dark skin tones. Neutral shades are marketed as "universal" color of bare lips generally do not look good and wash brown skin – so & # 39; t not, that does not do us any favors. Fortunately the beauty industry is finally changing, but finding the perfect nude is still a science. I always ask fellow forming users for their personal recommendations, so I thought I could get the scoop on the best neutrals out there. I asked 12 amazing Black women for their favorite bare lip products of all time, and just say that I have added everything to my digital shopping cart. From peachy tones to deep brown hues (and of course more!), Keep an eye out for some incredible product suggestions.

"I think one of the best neutral tones for Black women is the Nurse Matte Lip Pencil in Dance Fever or the Glossier Generation G in Cake. I really love Generation G – it has quality balm here and BC (before Corona) I will put it in my bags for a touch up or if my lip feels a little cracked.The Nurse, who is around the same price point, is an amazing creamy brown with real staying power and adds a subtle pop. "Fly Girl from Buxom is my go-to nude lipstick these days because I can do it alone if I'm in a hurry. Some nudes need a liner and a gloss to make it work for brown skin, but this one is amazing solo. "- Niara

" I usually live in the Cashew lipgloss of Tower 28 because it is a perfect match for my skin tone and always adds a super extra shine without hassle. But when I feel like myself, I want to go for a bolder, darker bare lip that gives J.LO some punk vibe. I & # 39; ve been using Laura Mercier & # 39; s lipstick at Brun Naturel for over two years now, and it & # 39; s so far one of my favorite colored bare lips as it lasts longer than most lipsticks do, and I love the way it looks. "- Jasmine

" My favorite lip color of all time is brown. I love that it gives me a full 90 & # 39; s vibe and makes me feel so confident and sexy. Right now my favorite shade is a chocolate brown from Fenty Beauty called Unveil. "- Micaéla

" Rarely do you see me in any other lip color other than a Ruby Red or a light colored gloss. The latest gloss I’ve sported is the Ilia balmy gloss tint in Linger — This is the perfect mix between color and a natural gloss because it gives you a berry mauve tint that is vibrant, but with a pop of shine. What makes a golden look unlike most glossy glosses, this one hydrates your lips with hyaluronic acid making it a triple threat: color, gloss, and balm. "–Delanique

" My favorite bare lip color is Laura Mercier's Chocolate Divin aka Chocolate Red. It is an extremely versatile lip color that I can dress or undress and wear all year round. Its classic deep brown color matches my skin tone. I love that it is a satin finish – moisturizing yet not too shiny. Also, the name of this shade is a condition! "–Folasade

" I love the satin matte finish because it lasts all day, but it does not dry out. Pink tones compliment the tone of my skin, so I & # 39; t often stay with that colored family. "- Yolanda

" Here's my go-to lip combo: a brown lip liner, a bare lipstick and either a bare or pink gloss on top to make it pop. I have been using Espressoh lip color on Toasted to achieve this look for a few months now and I really have nothing else to use. On top of being perfectly naturally naked to match my skin tone, smells incredible. "–Ah-niyah

" I love the soft soft feel of this product! Usually it does not require many applications because many are far away. The color looks stunning paired with a dark brown lip liner, like my go-to Fenty & # 39; s Match Stix (which I use as a lip liner). I combined these two and it was a match made in the bare sky. "–Nana

" The colors of the bare lips are a painful place for me. I have deep brown skin and most shades are classified as “universal” naked which looks ashy and clownish to me. Everyone in the world has brought a Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick (it is among the most popular of all time), but, again, it is very light and the undertones are off for my skin tone. It wasn’t until the brand launched Pillow Talk Intense a few years ago that I finally learned the joy of having a go, to bare lip color that works on any makeup face and makes me feel instantly together. I like to line my lips with a medium brown liner that is slightly darker than my skin to create a more cohesiveness with the bare shades, or any shade that may need to be dark to fill my skin. "–Courtney

" I'm a big fan of this shade from Colourpop. It is very affordable and long lasting, and will last for many hours without drying my lips. I love how versatile it is! "- Ade

" Naked & # 39; t naked I didn & # 39; t matter until I recognized this pink and obscene pink tone. I love it because it is very gentle, compliments my skin tone and it is a lip brand that I try to give my lips some moisture instead of drying them out. "- Kia

" I cried when Mac resumed their Amplified lipstick Double Shot. Finding a nude color that pairs well with my skin is a bit confusing because I have a red color. The brown nudes within the peachy / pink family are doing me right, so I tried a bunch from the Mac until I found my new favorite in their Whirl shade. I usually squeeze my lips with a dark brown liner, and then blot the color inside the center of my lips. If my lip feels dry I will throw it in Merit lip oil at Marrakech – this is my perfect combination. "- India

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