I Asked 3 Hairstylists Which Cuts to Make the Most of Thin Hair

I Asked 3 Hairstylists Which Cuts to Make the Most of Thin Hair

Long, full hair may be the norm (thanks, old-school shampoo ads!), But honestly, it's far from the norm. There are many reasons that a person can have thinner hair, from genetics to hair loss after postpartum. And while thinning hair is more common as we age, anyone at any age can have thin hair, or fine hair (aka hair that is physically smaller in diameter than its fuller counterparts). That’s why, as always, the right haircut can be a total game changer.

No matter the length of your hair or texture, your next cut is just a scroll away. We reached out to three ultra-talented hairstylists — Sanda Petrut of Maxine Salon in Chicago, celebrity stylist Joseph Maine, and Ryan Trygstad of Mark Ryan Salon in New York City— to learn their tips on cutting and styling thin and fine hair, as well as the best products to use for its styling. (Best of all: Not an extension in sight.)

The Hairstylist: Sanda Petrut of Maxine Salon in Chicago

“There are so many factors to consider when choosing a haircut for thin hair, "Petrut explained. "Is it thin at the top? Is it thin on the side? Is it thin on the whole? Is it thin because of illness? Is it thin because of aging? I also consider features and lifestyle," the stylist said.

Petrut also pays attention to length and texture. "For thin, straight hair I can choose a shorter haircut with clean lines. Maybe a little graduation or a little layer if it's supported by the density of the hair," she says.

"For medium-to-long length hair, I choose a long bang and / or framing," she says.

Finally, "If the hair is curly or wavy I will definitely add layers," she says. "The layers will add volume and the hair will appear thicker."

This thickening spray "plunges the hair into the root while creating thicker -looking fibers in three months," Petrut said.

Petrut also advises "looking for shampoos designed for increasing volume or density," such as Kèrastase's Densifique, which he calls "excellent products."

A dry powder -based shampoo can also add volume, says the stylist. “Dry shampoos and texturizing sprays not only absorb excess oil on the scalp and hair, but the fine powder can add body and texture as well,” Petrut explains.

This scented spray is like hairspray and dry shampoo in one.

"Thin hair due to aging and disease can be improved with Rogaine, which features the main ingredient minoxidil," Petrut explains.

The Hairstylist: Joseph Maine Celebrity Stylist, and Color Wow Artistic Director

“Usually, I recommend blunt haircuts or haircuts with very little layering for thin hair because you don’t want to remove the density from the ends, ”Maine said. However, he said, "There are still ways to add shape by framing the face or adding a bit of ' hidden layers. '"

For loose, large curls like Jennifer Lawrence, Maine recommends blowing the hair with a diffuser.

Rashida Jones's haircut can volley from chin to shoulder length, but she usually avoids layers to keep it fuller.

A soft curve and bangs added texture and proportion to Emma Stone's bob haircut.

This diffuser can be attached to most common hair dryers.

To add volume after styling, "You can pass a few pieces of a curling wand to give a bit of bounce and fullness," Maine recommends.

"It will make anyone with thin hair Instantly have their hair look thicker. It covers the scalp completely which is a sure giveaway to thin hair," the pro explains. Plus, he added, "It's dry and easy to apply as well as completely water resistant, so it doesn ' t stay exactly where you put it."

The Hairstylist: Ryan Trygstad Celebrity Stylist and Co- Founder of Mark Ryan Salon in New York City

The hairstylist agrees that blunt cuts can be surprising to thinner hair. "Mid shorter lengths are great because the hair looks fuller," explains Trygstad, adding that "Fine hair types are more likely to have a pyramid- or triangular shape."

One reason Jamie Chung's balloon looks neat and cool? “Dull shapes are better for fine hair,” Trygstad says.

Another fascinating idea inspired by Jourdan Dunn's appearance: slightly choppy finish.

Lucy Boynton's curtain bangs are the perfect detail of forming her blunt bob face.

"I've always loved using a root lifter for finer hair," Trygstad says of this often overlooked hair helper.

"Muso and thickening products are ideal prep pre-blow dry," recommends Trygstad. "These products are heat-powered and help lift cuticle inflammation, resulting in fuller looking hair."

When it comes to style, "I recommend a round pig hair brush," the hairstylist said. "These brushes are more gentle and will create rise and bounce without damaging the hair."

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