I Asked Adele's Makeup Artist to Share the Best Eyeshadow Hacks of All Time

I Asked Adele's Makeup Artist to Share the Best Eyeshadow Hacks of All Time

I first want to preface this story by saying that simple doesn’t automatically have to equal boring. I love a good and easy eye shadow look for all occasions—daytime wear, going out, a casual dinner, or date night. Truthfully, I just don’t like to spend hours doing my makeup. Because of this, I’ve found a ton of ways to create simple eye shadow looks that are extremely cute.

I also turned to Adele’s makeup artist, Anthony Nguyen, and fellow celeb makeup artist Judi Gabbay for further advice on this one because I can always use more ideas, tips, and hacks when it comes down to it. Gabbay’s go-to simple look works for everyone. “My favorite eye looks are usually neutral and warm,” she says. “I absolutely love a warm eye on any skin tone and eye color for a sultry, natural effect. Using a fluffy dome brush, I sweep a warm tone above the crease and lift upward and outward toward the temples for quick depth and soft sculpting.” Nguyen on the other hand has a key tip for application. “I love using my fingers for the perfect eyeshadow look,” he shares. “The warmth of your hands can melt and grab product perfectly, and blend shadows quickly, especially if you’re picking up a shadow with shimmer.”

Keep scrolling for a few more hacks and must-have products from both to create said looks.

This look really pops on darker skin tones since the shades are so rich. Personally, I would start with a nude base on the lid then work a mocha-colored shade into my crease area and top with a shimmery bronze.

Khloé’s smoked-out look has hints of bronze with a champagne-colored lid. Smokier looks do require a bit more blending, but this one is pretty simple and requires only a nude palette and a shimmery shade if that’s your fancy.

If you’re not into shimmers, opt for a simpler neutral brown look. Take your brown shade of choice and place it all over the lid. You can also bring it down to the lower lash line for a bit of extra *drama.*

For days (or nights) that you want to spice it up a bit, try mixing a few different pink and magenta hues. I love the above combination of nude and rose on the lid paired with a brighter shade of pink as a highlight. It’s a cute and unique way to add a little something more to a look.

Khloé with another winning eye shadow look. The quick addition of the orange shade to the inner corners of the lids here is an easy way to add a pop of color.

I’m not going to lie. I’ve always wanted to try adding rhinestones to a nude or light-pink base. I’d probably save this for special occasions, but they’re easy to apply and look seriously stunning.

Jessica Alba’s smoky-beige look has a hint of rosiness to it. It’s a simple, glamorous look that works for both day and nighttime.

I’m already obsessed with combining orange, bronze, and gold tones when it comes to eye shadow, but Winnie Harlow’s take on these hues is extra special. It looks stunning but is surprisingly easy to re-create. I like to start with a warm brown base, smoke out my creases with orange (or bronze), and place a gold shade on top of my lids.

Pro tip: I love using a cream contour stick on my lids sometimes for a quick, pretty neutral look. Because contour sticks already complement your skin tone nicely, it totally works. If you’re into colored liners, throw one on top!

Did anyone else used to love MAC pigments? Basically, I was obsessed with those in high school, and this look totally reminds me of them with how shimmery it is. Adding a little shimmer on the inner corners takes less than a minute and really completes a look.

I’m not usually one for blue winged eyeliner, but this look is convincing me to rethink that. I love the neutral rosy base and smoky outer corners already, but the teal winged liner on top is just a dream.

You don’t always need multiple shades to create a gorgeous look. This shimmery sunshine yellow on Barbara Palvin is proof that all you need is a single hue.

If you have literally two seconds in the morning, swipe on a transparent, milky shade to add just a touch of warmth to the lids before heading out the door.

What if you skipped the eye shadow altogether and opted for a white winged liner instead? Fierce.

Soft lilac shades look so good on all skin tones but especially complement fairer ones.

“My favorite simple eye shadow look for every skin tone would be just using your bronzer and sweeping it across the lids. It’s quick, gives dimension, and pulls your makeup together in a natural and harmonious way.” —Nguyen

You really can’t go wrong with a simple nude eye shadow look with a winged liner. It’s classic, pretty, and, most importantly, easy. 

This is an essential in Gabbay’s kit. The warm, neutral brown shades can be worn by themselves or can act as a base for a more glamorous look.

Gabbay also can’t live without her Patrick Ta Major Dimension palette. It’s another well-balanced palette that features both warm, brown shades and gorgeous shimmer shades.

“My favorite eye shadows are honestly using an array of KVD Beauty Super Pomade Vegan Eyeline, Shadow & Brow Pigment. It’s a one pot wonder for brows, eye shadow, and liner. It’s amazing what you can do with the versatility of a pomade!” —Nguyen

“You’ll definitely want to try Morphe’s Ariel collection A11 brush. I love all the Ariel brushes for creating a beautiful, blended eye.” — Gabbay

Top any simple look with rhinestones to take it up a notch.

For those shimmery inner-corner and single-hue eye shadow looks, invest in a Pat McGrath Mothership palette—you won’t regret it.

This was Novio’s go-to bronzer when creating her simple eye shadow look above. The shade range is great and is one of my favorite bronzers, too.

White liner isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re feeling brave, give it a go.

This is another highly pigmented option that works perfectly for single-hue looks. The formula is creamy and supercharged and lasts up to 12 hours.

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