I Found 5 Insanely Cool Fashion Gems on Amazon (and They're All Under $ 60)

I Found 5 Insanely Cool Fashion Gems on Amazon (and They're All Under $ 60)

When we talk about where to find the best affordable finds on the trend going forward on the internet some common suspects appear on that list: Mango, Zara and Other Stories, etc. But first let’s take a moment to welcome an unexpected player – Amazon. Turns out, the online emperor is good for way more than just shopping for affordable basics and kitchen utensils. I was looking for some budget-friendly items to power my everyday outfits and found just what I needed in the form of stylish separates from The Drop collection , Goodthreads, and Essentials by Amazon.

As an experienced Amazon buyer, I expect to spend a lot of time trying to find things I like (with more SKUs than Amazon?), But honestly, it's surprisingly easy. I ended up ordering a whiff of discreet, dressed sandals, a lightweight cardigan for all seasonal wear, jeans, and a fun printed leather upper above — each of which comes in under $ 55. After test-driving and styling them in many different outfits, I give my innocent review of them. Below, read my thoughts on each piece and keep scrolling to see how I styled my new found fashion.

I've been on the top skin train for a minute, so don ' t know a good version when I see one. I was definitely surprised at how fashion-forward and bold this print was. What I really like is its clingy, but not so tight that wearing it feels like a Straitjacket. Considering the price and the softness of the fabric, the price tag is worth every cent.

[194590173] [194590173] ]

Thanks to mother nature that is finally enough the heating to break the lightweight cardigan. You can call me an expert cardigan buyer (I buy a lot), and this one is definitely ranked there. This shade of minty green immediately caught my eye because it’s perfect for spring, and I haven’t stopped wearing it on the famous LA sun ever since. No, it doesn’t keep you too warm, but if you’re into cardigan-as-a-top style, a thinner knit is perfect.

[194590223] [194590223] ]

These jeans are the fastest surprise in them all. Like I said before, buying denim for my curvy shape isn’t an easy task – most of the pairs I ended up trying out ignored me. I’ll admit the denim snob to me didn’t have high hopes for a $ 46 pair of jeans, but they actually had an amazing stretch that instantly shaped my body. I ordered mine in the real blue wash and the coloring was almost identical to the more expensive pairs in my closet. This jeans is definitely a win for Goodthreads, and I’m eager to try out more styles from the collection.

[194590273] [194590273] ]

Summer knits are my thing , so this top definitely checked all the boxes for me. The square neck adds to its trendiness, but overall it’s still so simple that I can mimic it on any bottom. I wore mine high -waist black pants, and I think I found my perfect spring ' fit. Some advice: measure if you can because it’s not a super clingy knit.

[1945909003] ]

I want a pair of simple double straps sandals since forever, but for one reason or another have not yet bought them. The pair I originally wanted was two to three times the price, so I was a little dazzled that they were less than I expected $ 50. My feet are slightly wide, so I appreciate it how generous you are the straps that fit without being too tight. I wore them while walking for over an hour and I have no complaints!

[194590373] [194590373] ]

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