I Hate Spending A Tons Of Money On Makeup Brushes – These Are My Favorite Purchases

I Hate Spending A Tons Of Money On Makeup Brushes – These Are My Favorite Purchases

We all have hard-line budgets, even when it comes to makeup and skincare products. You can find no problem splurging with an expensive moisturizer or serum but happily reach pharmacy pharmacies . Or you can prioritize designer foundations but do not spend money on any mascaras over $ 10 .

For me, there are a couple of things I don't like about exploding. When it comes to eye ​​shadows I find the cheaper options are as good for me as the exhausted ones. I really don’t care about hitting the pharmacy for body care products like bar soaps and body lotions . I also can’t drop a ton of cash on makeup brushes. Sometimes, I spend $ 50 on a brush, and I still feel guilty about it to this day, years later.

See, I do not embarrass anyone who wants to treat themselves with an expensive makeup brush . Many times, there is a reason why they cost so much. They are usually made of fancy materials and may have a unique shape or edge design. We all splurge and save preferences – each on their own!

But for me, I'm okay with my less than $ 20 makeup brushes, especially & # 39; t I tend to keep my makeup looking pretty minimal most days. I don’t really do a ton of experiments with intricate eye shadows or contour techniques that can call for special brushes. Plus, it leaves me with more money to spend on fancy lipsticks mascaras, and foundations.

If you are in the market for some affordable brushes, check out some of my favorite sets and some highly rated ones below.

In this set, you have everything you need to apply foundation and concealer for a radiant and healthy complexion. Includes face sponge, concealer brush, powder blurring brush, angle blush brush, and highlight brush. It gives metal roses a little pizzazz handle!

This brush set is one of the highest rated options on Amazon, with over 50,000 ratings and 4.5 out of 5 stars . The set contains 14 pieces of five Kabuki makeup brushes and nine eye-makeup brushes. One reviewer wrote, "Recommended 10/10. I worked at the Estée Lauder counter and used a lot of high-end brand brushes. I'm sure to say they are comparable to high-end brushes. Nice. the handles but do not feel as fancy as expensive brushes. But the brush itself is as soft and feels as good as the pricier brands. "

The seven Morphe pieces have a tubby to store your brushes and make it easy for you to travel while traveling. The collection includes a combination of natural and synthetic brushes: a tapered powder brush, angle blush brush, flat foundation brush, small shadow brush, oval fluff brush, pointed crease brush, and chisel angle brush.

These mini brushes are great to keep in your wallet for touch-ups – they come with a handy pouch with a key ring. The set includes three brushes: foundation, concealer, and powder.

Another highly rated set from Amazon, the Bestope kit features a whopping 20 brushes, so you & # 39; ll be set up for all different types of makeup looks. One reviewer said, "These are great brushes, especially for the price. They are very soft and do not appear to fall off no matter how much I pull them. There is one brush for everyone on the set, and I was thrilled with applying my shadows and cosmetics. At the top of the quality, they are beautiful. Very happy with my purchase. "

having difficulty keeping his brushes fixed, I like this kit includes a storage case to keep the brushes protected and in place. The five-piece collections include an angle foundation brush, blurring brush, defined crease brush, angled liner, and full-blush brush.

Super minimal and compact, this range from the famous Sigma brush brand is great for keeping your vanity or carrying your carry. It includes an eye shadow brush, a diffuse crease brush, and a small angle brush.

Fancy, expensive brushes are not necessary for contouring. This set has everything you need for engraved, enhanced looks – it has a sculpting brush, fan brush, and setting brush.

For a little whim, opt for this eye set , inspired by stupid tea. You get mini versions of a brush brush, shade brush, smudge brush, and liner brush.

The marble detail on the handles and pot holders makes this set seem a little more expensive than it actually is. You get a foundation brush, a powder / blush brush, a contour brush, a highlighter brush, an angled brow brush, a soft eye shadow brush, a luxe crease brush, an angled eye shadow brush, and a concealer or cream eye shadow brush.

Not only do you get an assortment of brushes in this set, but you also get four makeup sponges and a brush cleaner. Now, that is a total steal in my book. The handles are also made of eco-friendly bamboo.

With 24 pieces, there is a brush for every makeup need on it. It also has a handy carrying bag, which is important if you have a lot of brushes. One reviewer wrote, "I love these brushes. I had to replace my entire brush collection after it was stolen while on vacation. I thought it would be good, whatever replacement as I changed again. my collection of quality brushes.I'm really amazed at how good these brushes are.They combine like a dream come true, very easy to use, choose a great value product, very soft on the face, and delicious in my hand. Loyal to the love of these brushes. "

I love to use a brush-cleaning mat to make sure each corners and cranny of my brushes were cleaned. This makes the process very easy and fast.

You also need a good cleaning brush. This one from EcoTools is affordable and deeply clean without any annoying ingredients like perfumes.

These cotton rounds are important for my skincare work because they help me apply my favorite products and reduce waste at the same time. You can wash them over and over again.

A gua sha tool will help improve circulation and sharpen your face. I found that it was also just convenient to use and a great trick for relief after a long day.

I used to use hair removal creams on my upper lip, which left my skin dry and red. So & # 39; t when I discovered this hair removal device, it changed my life. It is very easy to remove any unwanted facial hair, and it is completely painless. Next, The 21 Stunning Eye Makeup That Looks Live On My Head Without Rent

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