I Have Been A NYC Commuter For 10 Years, These Boots Have Not Failed Me

I Have Been A NYC Commuter For 10 Years, These Boots Have Not Failed Me

As a tried and true New Yorker I can say for sure that the ultimate litmus test for boots was a winter spent commuting around the city. This is not an easy task: only the strong can survive the piles of salt soaked in cement, sporadic puddles of questionable melted ice, and the metal friction from the subway stairs. How many times did you order a pair of gorgeous black boots in September, only to collapse in December? Until I found my go-to styles and brands, for me, that was an embarrassingly high number.

Before the days of quarantine, the problem was further compounded by daily commuting from showroom to showroom for editorial appointments and weekly evening events. There was also a struggle of lure in delicate balance between shoes that were good enough for morning meetings, and hard ones to meet the needs of the day. After a lot of money spent and pseudo-scientific experiments on the streets, I finally found the boots to climb the challenge. Ahead, my favorite favorite palm on the foot holy grail that can withstand the heat of the hardest day spent on your feet.

We may be at the top of the lug boot trend, but trust me, if you walk around a bunch (especially in cold climates) you will get too much use of them beyond their temporary moments of wear. -appell. What helps everyone is the rugged soles that provide little strength when walking on icy or snowy sidewalks. Until other types of land go, I wear my Dr. Martens Jadon boots during the Coachella sandstorm, and the spontaneous lifting of the light, so they & # 39; t certainly know a lot. If you have to buy a boot to deliver you all, a booted boot will win this battle, without competition.

My personal tried and true.

Go for a wide fit for maximum comfort.

If you know, you know.

If you have a lot of money to splurge on, this is the top choice. The leather is extremely luxurious.

A collar haircut is important during the winter.

White straps are a small detail but really feel fashion-forward.

It took years of trial and error to find the Chelsea boots that I really love. Although simple in design, details such as shaft height, silhouette, and toe shape can all make a difference. I found out I preferred Chelsea boots with a modern square toe and a high pole to compliment my endless collection of cropped jeans. Once I found my perfect pair, they quickly became the go-to for more luxurious occasions where I was hoping to get up all day.

I love wearing them with custom black pants and a classic white tee.

The platform removes some stress on your foot.

Identify your new boot staple.

When Margiela's infamous Tabi shoes and Chelsea boots collided.

If you are looking for a Chelsea boot with more edge, this is for you.

Any patent leather shoe can make it look fancier.

They are well made, you will have them for life.

Chelsea boots you do not need

Now it is clear: New York City is a rainy place. Somehow it feels twice as much on a tiring winter, so I & # 39; t always found it necessary to invest in a good pair of rainboots. There is almost nothing worse than the feeling of dirty water penetrating the leather wall of your boots, penetrating every residue of your socks. You can experience the amazing feeling for yourself, or take my word for it and make rainboots an integral part of your shoe collection. One of my favorites is from Ilse Jacobsen, who looks very Scandi-fashion girl.

The need for tall boots is really underestimated. I find myself constantly going back to the flat versions of them every time I wear clothes in the cooler months. It adds heat to your legs, and the look of them fits without the need for heels.

A very small heel that is still easy to walk.

The chain detail makes them far from the main.

Called & # 39; Edie & # 39 ;, its mod design is an ode to sixty icons Edie Sedgwick.

Just add a floral midi dress and you have a winning combination.

Because single lugs are great for everything (especially jumpsuits!).

Priced at $ 390, they are certainly an investment, but they are It is a staple that you will not need to replace every season.

If you haven't noticed, I like the trends, and that also goes with commuter shoes. The misconception that commuter shoes should be devoid of fun, stylish details you can leave. Although cowboy boots are strictly adopted by people in fashion, at its core it is a shoe made to withstand even the most difficult environments. They may take some time to get in, but once you do they are stylish alternately worth it.

A boot ready to dress up all your casual looks.

Frye are some of the best-selling currencies.

Next, the timeless essential fashions I swear by.

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