I Have No Idea My Toner Can Be Anti-Aging, So I Asked The Drogies How To Choose One

I Have No Idea My Toner Can Be Anti-Aging, So I Asked The Drogies How To Choose One

When it comes to toners I used to be 100% focused on them. I use one every day as part of my night skincare routine. But over the years, I ' ve found the ones I used to dry out my skin, so I switched to applying them only two to three times a week.

Honestly, I'm still not pretty sure exactly what [tonerng should do for my skin and if I really need to use one. I only go with it because I feel it helped to clean up any blemishes and give some exfoliation . Recently, I found out that some toners add anti -aging benefits which intrigued me even more. So I decided to ask the experts to sort it out for me.

"In the past, toners were harshly astringent. Now, they are ways to cleanse the skin," explains the board-certified dermatologist Ife Rodney MD, FAAD, of Eternal Dermatology and Aesthetics . "These are water -based formulas that contain any combination of acids, antioxidants, and other effective, natural ingredients. Toners benefit the skin as a way to deliver low concentrations of these ingredients to the skin. while balancing the pH.They also help in hydrating the skin and removing dead skin cells left after washing and cleansing your face.Some people use toner as part of their makeup, cleansing routine of the face before applying any additional products. "

As if you need a toner in your skincare routine, Corey Hartman, MD, FAAD board-certified dermatologist and founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology said that they can be useful for oily skin types because they help control the b reakout and oil and improve discoloration and scarring. However, Rodney said they are not necessary to maintain healthy skin and can be an optional, additional step. "With their antioxidant and exfoliating ingredients, toners can serve as a refreshing primer to help other products deepen your skin. If you wear makeup all day and have acne -prone skin , you will be a good candidate for the extra toner step, ”he added.

And the thing I've heard about benefits against aging ? Both Hartman and Rodney say it all depends on the active ingredients in your formula. "Toner can act as an anti-aging product. Look for hydroxy acids, antioxidants, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid when preventing fine lines, improving skin turgor, and repairing skin texture. your goals, ”Hartman said.

Rodney added that toners with alpha hydroxy acid can help cell transfer and hydrate and brighten the skin. Other products can also shrink enlarged pores, tighten skin, and contain retinol .

When choosing a toner for its anti -driving benefits, you'll want to keep an eye on the key components. Rodney recommends looking for a mild toner that contains hyaluronic acid retinol, and vitamin C. “Hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrates dry, sagging skin, while retinol both increases collagen production. which is deeper into the skin and increases the turnover of surface skin lesions, ”he explains. "Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from environmental pollutants and oxygen radicals. Your toner should also be free of parabens and artificial fragrances. You should also consider your type skin when choosing a toner because some will help balance oil production and dryness. ”

Hartman also recommends looking for glycerin, which helps the skin by attracting moisture from the air; chamomile, which is anti-inflammatory and calming; and polyphenols, which act as antioxidants.

As for application, Rodney said it's best to use toners in your evening skincare routine. “Toners should be applied to a newly washed face with a cotton swab or pad and allow to absorb completely for 30 seconds or more before proceeding with applying the rest of the skincare regimen,” Hartman added.

If you are testing a toner for the first time, you should first test it on a small part of your face to see if there are any signs of irritation or dryness.

In order for your toner use to be really effective, you will want to make sure you are using the right products in conjunction with the toner. Rodney recommends using a mild hydrating cleaner before applying toner and incorporating serums into your routine (such as vitamin C or retinol) after application. For the final step, he suggested applying an eye cream, acne treatment (if necessary), and your moisturizer.

"Any complete age -resistant lifestyle contains a factor of sun protection, antioxidants, and retinol that can be considered comprehensive," Hartman adds.

If you're ready to shop for a toner, check out some dermatologist and editors' picks.

Both Hartman and Rodney recommend this toner. "It's oil-free and hydrating. Because it's alcohol-free and packed with antioxidants, it's a great addition to an anti-aging lifestyle," Hartman says.

Rodney says this toner contains great hydrating products like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to make it firmer and more refreshing. your skin.

"Dermalogica ' s Antioxidant HydraMist is a unique application, used as a spray-on product," Hartman said. "It gives a feeling of refreshment as it delivers a vitamin cocktail that incorporates an anti-aging skincare regimen."

"It's highly rated and has antioxidant and hydrating properties that keep skin cleaner and moisturized longer," she says. Rodney.

PCA Skin toner is hydrating and fragrance-free. It has ingredients such as antioxidant-rich watermelon, apple, and lentil fruit extracts, anti-aging powerhouse jania rubens extract, and hydrating evening primrose oil.

Powered by hyaluronic acid, this essence works to nourish and hydrate the skin. White willow bark exfoliates and smoothes, while gotu kola promotes natural regeneration and targets beautiful lines.

This toner is made of natural lactic acid and azelaic acid to balance skin tone and remove dark spots. It is also formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and tighten pores.

This toner contains hydrating and nourishing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and aloe vera and antioxidants such as vitamin C, cucumber juice, and papaya leaf juice. But the powerhouse ingredient here is CoQ10, which promotes the production of collagen and elastin.

This toner of your toner will leave your face looking tighter and firmer due to its green apple stem cell technology and a naturally complex alternative retinol. It also has hydrating benefits – neroli oil, coconut milk, and coconut water provide the necessary moisture.

This treatment is primarily designed to target uneven texture, dark spots, and fine lines. The formula contains over 50 micronutrients to leave your skin hydrated and glowy.

Free radicals and environmental damage can do a number on your skin, so this mist will not offer some basic protection. It contains antioxidants and copper PCA to control skin pH levels and stimulate collagen.

Augustinus Bader ' s toner is a multitasking product that exfoliates, moisturizes, and tones. It contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate, salicylic acid to clog pores, and wasabi ferment to protect against free radicals.

You really shouldn't worry about this toner emphasizing or stripping your skin. It has deep nourishing ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, wild oats, and honey to soothe and soften the skin, while promoting a balanced complexion.

Murad tonnage contains antioxidants to protect against environmental stresses and coneflower and licorice root to tone and brighten the skin. It works to moisturize your skin, too. Next, People Don't Believe My Mother Is 71-Here Are 8 Anti-Aging Serums She Uses

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