I Itch To Kill All My Hair – Here Are The Styles I Consider

I Itch To Kill All My Hair – Here Are The Styles I Consider

Maybe it's the turn of the season, or maybe it's my ADD playing tricks on me, but I'm in the mood to cut all my hair. This is an unusual occurrence for me; as a coily-haired queen who always warms the locks at shoulder length, I am constantly looking for ways to maintain the length it does not get rid of. But, there was one haircut I kept seeing that was so chic and glamorous that I got seconds away from scheduling a hair appointment at any given moment: the dull bob.

You may be wondering why this particular cut speaks directly to my soul, and the answer is simple. Aside from the fact that every single celebrity currently wearing intense playful cut looks impossible to cool, the time came for me to cut some heat damage, and I want you to do it in style. So, like a true beauty editor, I scoured the internet for the best blunt bobs to add to my “new hair, with” vision board. Ahead, 27 styles are completely dead.

Oh, and I make sure you also keep posted on my personal switch-up style.

No one can rock a dull bob (or any appearance, for that matter) like J.Lo.

The ease at the ends of a crispy harvest will keep it young and not too severe.

Kardashian's bob is tightly cut around, but a little extra length in the front adds some more size and some more plenty of room to play while stylish.

A cut that captures the earlobe and a side part is actually a match made of heavenly hair.

This swept bob has the perfect texture for an effortless moment.

Gerber shows us how to soften a cut by adding a soft wave and perhaps a radiant serum.

Bob-length box-braids? So many yes.

The wet appearance of Ciara's side part raises the drama factor to level 100.

The smooth style of Rowland's cut cut keeps it tree and green.

Kardashian's bleach blonde bob looks chic, be it stick-straight or curled.

Hale kept her hair on the shorter side for many years, so it & # 39; s not surprising that she was so easy and waving style. pat.

Dried or dried by the wind, Graham's bob wins.

While we do not necessarily call this cut, we prefer the coiled length of Washington, natural strands.

Before Theron went for a full-on bow-cut earlier this fall, his tresses hung just below his jaw, which creates the perfect frame for her angular face.

A half up, half-down style looks ridiculously cool in this short length.

We love the temporary bangs Chung fashions out of his mono-length cut by adding subtle gun curls around the his face.

back vv is a vibe. There may be more to it than meets the eye, but it seems effortless.

The only thing more cute than the Union cut cut in this photo is his dear baby girl, Kaavia.

This shoulder cutting is very versatile. Here, Graham shows us how to move it by covering the side properly behind the ear.

Going for a more grittier look? Do as Hudson does here, and proceed one step beyond attaching your hair behind your ear by sliding the perimeter. Pure magic.

Pearl clips are the perfect tool for a full body cut like this.

Daisy Buchanan, is that you? The barely there-bob was straight out of the 1920s.

Just because it is dull does not mean that this cut is a pony with a trick. Easily create a shaggier look by adding a bit of texture.

We love the beachy wave that Liu performed here.


Martin's natural texture is the perfect match for his blunt bob.

This asymmetrical cut is inclined and falls slightly longer at the front. But the dusted ends are what really catch our eye.

This look is very simple, but very cool. The sharp middle part and soft bump on the ends add additional style elements. Next, the exact products used by hairstylists on celeb clients for funny shiny hair. This article was originally published at an earlier date and updated.

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