I Just Got Back From London, and I Saw These 4 Trends Everywhere

I Just Got Back From London, and I Saw These 4 Trends Everywhere

Like many people this summer, I decided to make up for lost time and do some international traveling. I was fortunate to be able to spend a few weeks in Europe, and like any good fashion editor, I was taking style notes from all of the chic people I passed on the streets. While London is typically not the city that comes to mind when you think about summer style, I happened to be there during the recent heat wave, so I got a unique look into which summer ’22 fashion trends are resonating there. 

The trends London girls are loving right now make total sense with the city lifestyle and usually pleasant summer temps—with a polished twist of course. Instead of current trends like platform shoes and micro miniskirts that don’t mesh well with a walking city like London, fashion people there are opting for trends that offer both style and practicality. These trends blend seamlessly into their city-girl style while still adding a fun summer vibe. From loose trousers to colorful button-downs, these are the four street style trends taking over London right now. 

London is no stranger to a chic pair of trousers, and with loose styles being the unofficial pants of 2022, it’s no surprise they’re all over the streets right now. Whether they’re pairing them with a chic belt, cropped tank, or polished sweater, London fashion people are all about loose trousers. 

Step aside, platforms—slides are the sandal trend reigning supreme in London at the moment. Comfortable sandals are both practical and stylish, which makes for the perfect combo in a walking city. British girls paired them with everything from sundresses to trousers, and chunkier styles like Birkenstocks were absolutely everywhere. 

Confirmed: The colorful button-down is buzzing everywhere right now. It’s the easiest way to add polish or color to an otherwise simple outfit. Plus, it doubles as a jacket if temperatures cool off later in the evening. 

Of course, sporty sneakers are a London-girl favorite—they’re as trendy as they are practical in a city where your step count stays high. Toughen up a sundress, or pair them with your linen pants for an of-the-moment look that won’t interfere with your day. 

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