I Live in Summer Shorts: Here Are 7 Pairs That Focus On Me

I Live in Summer Shorts: Here Are 7 Pairs That Focus On Me

I'm running out of coffee with a friend: I'm probably throwing away a pair of cut-off denim with a waist, Van slips, and a crop top with ribbed-knit. Saturday afternoon, my girlfriend called and wanted to go get a drink at our neighborhood bar before happy hour was over: I was in a loose linen shorts, so all I had to do was change my ratty band tee for a nice, bright crochet top My best friend and I were going for dinner in Palm Springs during a weekend vacation: I was wearing seersucker shorts, maybe even part of a matching set . You got the idea: Shorts are the versatile summer staple you need in your wardrobe. And you need them in denim and linen and everything in between. Read the story to pick out my favorite seven pairs today.

I have to live in seersucker shorts, dress, pants, and summer top. I honestly don’t know why I don’t know. So don ' t mind me as I buy them as well as the matching top and whatnot I get my hands seersucker, checkered, and quintessentially Ganni.

Light blue denim cutoffs are a classic for a reason. No other item in your closet will get more wear than this summer.

Another fantastic lightweight style for hot days if you want to combine a fun outfit but don't want to crumble under the weight of some denim. I’m here to tell you these ruffled high-waist shorts will go with all your chopped tops and bodysuits, plus you’ll get major cool kids points for a jump on bubblegum pink trend of 2021.

and open-work knit top that pairs well with white shorts. Natural buttons are a nice touch too.

Longer, looser denim shorts deserve a place in our closets. It will give you an effortless, cool look, especially with a pair of heels with heels and a halter top.

I own a beloved pair of black flower printed shorts that I have repeatedly worn over the years. There is only one thing that is so versatile about them. I can actually dress them up with a sweater or puff sleeve blouse or keep them casual with a ribbed-knit halter. But I know the time will come to retire them, and they could be their replacement.

Pajamas? Shorts? Either or? I was surprised that I no longer owned them because I knew they were in weekly rotation once I did. Just imagine them in a pair of white canvas sneakers.

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