I Only Used SkinCeuticals Products for a Week, and My Skin Looks So Bright

I Only Used SkinCeuticals Products for a Week, and My Skin Looks So Bright

When one of my friends was struggling with patchy skin and discoloration, I gifted him with a bottle of SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic. The skincare brand is consistently one of the most dermatologist-recommended brands out there, so I felt confident that the beloved serum could help him, but I wasn’t prepared for just how much of a difference it could make.

Over the course of a few weeks, I watched his skin transform each time I saw him. After a month, his skin had gone from blotchy and uneven to bright and even-toned. I couldn’t believe how clear the difference in his skin was. It looked like he’d gotten a treatment done.

Last month, I started going through my own skin troubles. If I had to describe my skin in one word, it would be dull. Maybe it was the harsh winter temperatures, maybe it was the hot air blowing out from my radiator, or maybe it was stress, but one thing was abundantly clear: My skin needed major help, stat.

I decided to switch my skincare routine to an entirely SkinCeuticals regimen. I tailored my new routine to my specific needs: I have skin on the drier side, I struggle with dark circles, and I wanted brightness and less discoloration to be top priorities.

I thought it would probably take a few weeks to see results (it typically takes months), but after just one week, I could start to see the difference. Not only did my skin look more even-toned and brighter, but it also felt noticeably softer, and the dark circles under my eyes were dramatically less pronounced. Let’s dive into the SkinCeuticals products that worked for me. I can confidently say I would recommend them to anyone. 

This serum is very similar to C E Ferulic, and it’s a good option for anyone hoping to get environmental protection and a more even skin tone. Once it absorbs into the skin, it’s effective for 72 hours. 

Application notes: I found that using five to six drops of this in the morning is the best way to go. Pat this into skin instead of trying to rub it. 

No lie, I think this might be the best eye cream I’ve ever used. A unique blend of flavonoids and peptides fight against dark circles while firming and toning the eye area, blueberry extract fights fine lines, and optical diffusers scatter light to make dark circles appear less pronounced. 

Application notes: Use your ring fingers to lightly apply this product around the whole eye area. Tap whatever is left on your fingers onto your lips for extra firming. 

Along with dullness, I’d also noticed an increase in blemishes on my skin. This serum helped shrink existing blemishes and redness.

Application notes: Using four or five drops of this serum at night worked best for me.

If you’re dealing with discoloration of any sort, consider this your new skincare staple. This serum uses ingredients like tranexamic acid, kojic acid, and niacinamide to dramatically reduce dark spots. 

Application notes: You can use this morning and night, but I liked using it best at night. I thought the sweet spot for me was to use five drops.

Since my skin is dry, I struggle with finding cleansers that don’t strip my face and make it feel tight after I wash it. This cleanser never makes my face feel tight or dry—and it even melts all of my makeup off.

Application notes: I always wet my face before using two pumps of cleanser. Massage it in for about 30 seconds before rinsing. 

This rich moisturizer is like a soothing antidote to dry skin. It’s so hydrating, and it’s rich without feeling thick or suffocating. It also doesn’t pill under makeup, which many moisturizers that err on the thicker side typically do. 

Application notes: I really like using this moisturizer in the morning. It sinks in fairly quickly, so it’s good to use under makeup. 

I actually think that this moisturizer was the key ingredient that I was missing from my skincare routine. It contains 10% hydroxy acid to help refine and gently exfoliate the skin while also moisturizing. If I were to only keep one SkinCeuticals product in my routine, it would probably be this one. 

Application notes: Use a thin layer of this moisturizer as the last step in your nighttime skincare routine. 

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