I Slashed My Clothing Budget by 50% for 2023—4 Smart Trends That Made the Cut

I Slashed My Clothing Budget by 50% for 2023—4 Smart Trends That Made the Cut

According to Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm, I’m only allowed to say Happy New Year for three days—you know, statute of limitations. But that won’t stop me from mentioning my New Year’s resolution of curbing my shopping budget, even if we’re already in the last week of January! Take that, Larry.

This year, I’ve resolved to cut my clothes-and-accessories budget by 50%. Ambitious, but definitely doable considering the frivolous purchases I made last year. In 2023, I am aiming to buy only versatile pieces that can be worn for a variety of occasions and stay away from binge-purchasing things last-minute ahead of a trip or event. Scroll down for the practical trends that made the cut. 

Since I don’t have a corporate job, there’s really no need for run-of-the-bill black blazers in my closet. Instead, I love mixing it up with colorful options to dress up my basic jeans and T-shirts. They add some personality to your outfit but since the silhouette is still classic and professional, you can get away with wearing them in more formal settings, too. Win-Win. 

I am willing to invest in matching sets—even with a strict budget—because they are the ultimate no-brainer outfit. You don’t have to think about your look whatsoever, and you’ll still be polished and put together. I also like mixing and matching coordinating sets and wearing the pieces on their own. 

When it comes to versatile pieces that I’m definitely willing to budget for, black midi dresses top the list. After all, in the words of Karl Lagerfeld, you can never be overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress. They are the definition of practical yet can be styled in incredibly trend-forward ways with the right accessories. 

The idea here is to find pieces that are as polished as jackets but as comfortable as cardigans. For days when a blazer seems too dressy, these sophisticated sweaters are the perfect compromise. As a tall person with broad shoulders, I especially love how sweaters are so much less constricting than stiff blazers. 

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