I Tried Out So Many Basics—These 11 Will Be My Front-Runners This Season

I Tried Out So Many Basics—These 11 Will Be My Front-Runners This Season

Despite the fact that basics are the simplest of all the pieces in your closet, they can be the most difficult to shop for. After all, these are the items you’re going to be wearing almost every day, so you have to make sure they’re worth the investment. No one wants to end up putting a ton of money into an itchy sweater or pair of trousers that fit wrong all around. After struggling with finding the right pieces I could rely on in my daily outfit dilemmas, I knew it was time to start from scratch. I had to do a full basics try-on, and upon completion, the experience changed me (and my style) for the better. I got the privilege of trying on a handful of trusty basics that caught my eye for fall and winter and documented everything for you here. With an array of pictures and my honest reviews, you get a proper look at items across all your favorite retailers and how they actually hold up. I’ve made an effort to wear most of them out the past month so you get the real experience and feel of each piece.

I was looking for easy and wearable staples I could add to my wardrobe this season, and after trying on dozens of products, I found 11 that truly over-delivered. Believe me when I say that the quality of these pieces simply can’t be explained. It has to be experienced. Keep scrolling and see my honest reviews of this past month’s try-on haul, from the relaxed pants our readers are always buying to the cashmere sweater that I never want to take off. I’ll be wearing them long past fall and deep into the winter, so trust me when I say they’re worth the look.

My Review: I’ve been on the hunt for a good-quality biker jacket for a while, but the fit has just never been right. They’re either too tight and cropped or have me swimming in faux leather. And if I had found the right fit, they come at a far too hefty price. That was until I found this dream jacket at Mango. My first impression was how roomy and comfortable it was, making it perfect to layer over all my chunky sweaters. Despite being under-$150, the leather has a luxe feel to it. 

My Review: Everyone’s been talking about Abercrombie & Fitch and I have to say, the items certainly live up to the given hype. These trousers are soft, cinch perfectly at the waist, and are relaxed everywhere else. I’ve been nervous to try puddle pants but I actually liked how they pooled slightly on the ground. Lastly, the subtle pinstripe isn’t something I’ve owned before and it’s more versatile than I expected. 

My Review: I usually thrift my button-downs, but this J.Crew pick is worth the purchase. It feels fresher than your average shirt, thanks to the contrasting collar and cropped cut. The material is comfortable and not at all stiff like some other poplin shirts can be. I’ve already worn it with jeans, leather pants, and even a maxi skirt.

My Review: The options for trousers on the market can be endless, but I still find it difficult to find a pair that looks and feel good. It’s been easier to find puddle pants (see above) but it’s the straight-cut style that never seems to look quite right on me. This Abercrombie pair really did surprise me. The pleats at the waist are extremely flattering, and I love how the slight asymmetrical waistband sits right at your hips. 

My Review: I’ve been thinking about this bag for months, and I’ve never been so happier to have finally made a decision on something. The sheen on the leather is similar to higher-end options I’ve been eyeing, but I prefer the look (and size) of this Staud one the most. I know handbags have a great impact on an outfit, but this one truly pulls everything together. Also, it fits all my essentials—even the hoard of random beauty products I carry with me on a daily basis. 

My Review: Now that I’ve tried out J.Crew’s cashmere, my life has been changed for the better. It’s incredibly soft on the skin and has this slouchy fit that looks great tucked into trousers or jeans. Out of all the basics I tested, this is the one I wore the most this past month. From office days to relaxed fall outings, it kept me looking cozy and elevated through it all.

My Review: This is one item that continues to be one of our readers’ biggest buys, so I knew I had to try it out for myself. Compared to other traditional trousers, this one is more lightweight, which I tend to prefer. My only qualm would be that I went for the regular sizing, but at 5″3′, I think going the petite route would serve me better. It’s drapey yet doesn’t feel too oversized, which is what I need in straight trousers.

My Review: This year, suede bags are the accessory trend that’s caught my attention. When done right, the material looks ultra-luxe and just feels right when the weather starts to drop. The Berkley Tote from J.Crew met (and even exceeded) all my expectations. I do wish the suede was on both sides, but I still think it’s a beautiful bag. It’s become my work tote as it fits my laptop and iPad.

My Review: If you dabble in the sartorial world, you are probably no stranger to the love for this Totême jacket. It comes in a few different colors, but I personally thought the camel option was truly timeless. While it may not be the thickest of coats, I think it provides excellent room for sufficient layering underneath and drapes effortlessly on the body. I love that even over a pair of simple jeans and boots, I looked like a million bucks. If you have the money to put out, I think it’s a worthy investment that’ll stay in your closet for years to come.

My Review: Striped sweaters are a fashion folk favorite, and this one is just like what I constantly see on the minimal style stars of Paris and London. Buying something from Topshop can often be a bit of a trial and error, but this sweater was nothing but sheer success. When it’s chilly and gloomy outside, this sweater is like the warm hug I need. Even if all I wear with it is leggings, I still look incredibly chic. 

My Review: I have the habit of wearing leggings a little too often, so I thought I’d give a more stylized pair a try. This split-hem option from H&M is not only affordable, but it looks more put-together while offering the same comfort as a regular pair. Who knew a tiny slit can make all the difference? The split is a zip-up, so you can adjust the length to your liking which is ideal for me since I don’t like to show a lot of skin. 

My Review: While Reformation is known for its assortment of flattering dresses, I think the knitwear is also worth taking a deeper look at. The latest fall drop is chockful of dreamy cashmere and wool—this turtleneck being one of them. It has a loose fit at the chest, but the sleeves slightly flare at the end, giving it that designer look.

My Review: To some, denim maxis can be seen as a fleeting trend. But as a modest dresser, It’s a basic I’ve been searching for on the market. In only a month, I’ve worn it a handful of times and it gets compliments every time. The denim isn’t too stiff, so it still offers the “flow” a skirt should have. I’m 5″3 and it just grazes the floor when I’m not wearing heels. It also makes me look tall, which is a plus in my book. It does run slightly large, and while it fits me perfectly with a belt, I don’t think it would hurt to go down a size. 

An excellent blazer.

The cardigan to end all cardigans.

The gold hardware adds a luxe and unexpected touch to the otherwise casual sweater.

Meet the cooler version of your classic trench.

Since I like my black pair, I think this army green color is next on my list.

I’m impressed, Nordstrom.

The love for J.Crew’s cashmere can’t just stop at just one.

One word: classy.

This will serve as an excellent layering piece, especially under a blazer or thick cardigan. You could even tuck it into a fun skirt for the holidays.

This set feels like you never left your bed. (Yes, I promise it’s that comfortable.)

I’m very much considering purchasing these in the near future.

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