If You're Reading This, It's Time To Throw Away Your Old Beauty Products

If You're Reading This, It's Time To Throw Away Your Old Beauty Products

We all have one thing — we probably all have expired beauty products in our home. I understand, when you buy a makeup product, you don’t want to throw it away before you’re done, especially if you spend a large portion of money on it.

Before you continue using your favorite serum that may have (certainly) expired a few months ago, remember that you may be actually hurting yourself. “If a product is used after the expiration date it can lose its effectiveness, as well as cause damage to your skin,” says Dr. Shuting Hu cosmetic scientist and founder of Acaderma. The same goes for makeup, hair care, and even perfume.

I talked to industry experts to find out when is the exact time to throw away your old cosmetics products and opt for newer versions. There are some guidelines to keep in mind, however. “For all cosmetics products, it’s important to look at the packaging for the shelf life of a product,” Hu said. "Look for a container icon, where it should say how long the product has been good when it is opened. If there is no icon, an expiration date should be printed at the bottom or on the cover.

Of course, expiration is from product to product.If a product you own is refillable, we recommend refilling it instead of discarding the whole, and be sure to recycle old products instead of discarding the Trash them as much as possible! Keep reading for specific tips when replacing skincare, makeup, haircare, and perfume.

It is particularly important to pay attention to the shelf life of skincare , because expired skincare products can cause damage to your skin. "Typically, you should discard skincare products after a year, closed, or 6 months, tomorrow," says [19659014] Joanna Vargas celebrit y facialist and founder of Joanna Vargas Salons and Joanna Vargas Skin Care [08] 6590. "Also, always make sure your SPF is fresh. Once it expires, it won't work properly."

Like sunscreen, Hu recommends being especially careful with oil -based products and serum vitamins. Oil can be a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause products to break down, so make sure any oil-based products are discarded when their expiration date is reached. Vitamin C quickly loses its effectiveness when it expires, and if it is not packaged properly, it will go down faster. “Vitamin C should always be packaged in a dark or opaque bottle, and if the serum starts to look more brown than clear, it’s best to buy a new one,” Hu says.

Because makeup is direct goes on your skin, also smart to keep track of expiration dates closely. Expired makeup can cause clogged pores and breakouts. Hu said that no matter what happens, you should make sure to change your mascara every six months. “Because it’s close to your eyes, you want to make sure the product is clean and still safe to use,” he explains.

Liquid products such as foundation and concealer usually last a year, but Hu warns to pay attention to their consistency, smell, and application. “If it separates, smells, or cracks when applied, it’s time to throw it away,” he says. throw away the hair care before it no longer works the way it should. "I have an across-the-board rule: throw away hair products after a year," said Clariss Rubenstein R+Co Collective member and celebrity hair stylist.

If you want some markers to watch out for, Kylee Heath R+Co Collective member and celebrity hair stylist has a few tips to keep in mind. "If the products start to become rough, dry, or if you notice a change. In the smell, it's time for them to go," she says. "Also, if left in direct sunlight often, you'll need to switch. out them more often. "

Perfume is an interesting case, because some perfumes last longer than others (and some people say that some perfumes get better over time). of season, like fine wine). ”“ It is recommended to discard perfume products after one to three years, ”Hu said.“ However, some perfumes have a longer shelf life, from four to five years. It’s important to pay attention to the smell of the fragrance, because when the scents get worse they can start to get sour. ”When it comes to perfumes, storage is key. Keep them in direct sunlight, and make sure they’re stored in a cold and dry place.

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