I'm 30 years old and Cleaning My Toilet — Here Are 4 Trends I've Removed

I'm 30 years old and Cleaning My Toilet — Here Are 4 Trends I've Removed

I'm trying not to subscribe to the idea that you have to do x, y, and z before you turn 30 —there's too much pressure there. However, when it comes to my closet, I felt my milestone birthday was a good opportunity to re -evaluate what I spend and what doesn’t “bring me joy,” to mention Marie Kondo . Plus, the pandemic moved my fashion priorities in a more casual direction, so I decided to organize my wardrobe accordingly.

I recently realized one thing: What I choose to wear to run simple tasks is I should be investing in moving forward. It’s not strappy heeled sandals, corporate-feeling blazers, or impractical clutches. Instead, it’s slide-on-and-go mules, loose pieces, functional crossbody bags, and other similar easy-to-wear items. Scroll down to pick out four major trends I removed after 30 years.

As much as I love a nice blazer, I can ' t afford those overly tight, structured ones that are deliberately uncomfortable to move around. As I get older, I like to try not to buy pieces just for their looks and instead choose items for practical reasons like convenience and usability.

I love matching sets because they are an effortless way to quickly look together. They ' re also super versatile because you can mix and match other items from your closet and make different outfits.

. I'm wearing. Continuing, I am excited to choose quality over quantity and lay down for extra-special pieces of jewelry that are personal. For example, the necklace below is made from individual pearls that I have received every holiday and birthday for 20 years from my grandmother and great -aunt. Costume jewelry is never feasible.






I think crop flare jeans are old at this point and you look like you're wearing jeans that go beyond you. Instead, I invest in full-length jeans, which feel older and shiny. Plus, I'm 5 ' 10 ", so in general, any cropped jeans look too short to me. But I still wear them. Instead, I want to solve the problem and choose those style with long inseam.

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