I'm a Dress Snob—These 38 Are Pretty Enough to Pass My Test (By a Landslide)

I'm a Dress Snob—These 38 Are Pretty Enough to Pass My Test (By a Landslide)

Saying that I like to dress up would be the understatement of the year. Most days, I’m fully dressed (even when working from home, which I do most days) in heels and a dress, not to mention jewelry and accessories, by 9 in the morning if not earlier. Because of that, my standards for dresses have become quite high, with comfort, style, versatility, and more all factoring into my buying decisions in the dress department

Of late, though, I’ve started to get bored of the dresses in my current rotation, leading me to look elsewhere for new styles to add to my repertoire. Many hours and what felt like 10,000 dresses later, I narrowed my search down to just 38 options. Keep scrolling to shop the summer dresses that have my extremely hard to secure stamp of approval. 

I’ve never wanted an LBD so badly in my life. 

Silky soft. 

Drop-waist dresses are growing on me. 

Look up stunning in the dictionary and you’ll find this dress. 

I’ve been trying to find a crochet dress like this one for ages. Looks like I found the perfect one. 

The prettiest shade of purple. 

Simply stunning.

Newsflash: you (and I) need this dress.

The perfect throw-on-and-go dress for summer. 

The kind of any-occasion dress that everyone needs at least one of.

My baby blue.

This dress can be worn in dozens of different ways. 

Ever since I first tried this dress on, I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

Easy breezy.

I don’t know about y’all, but I personally need this dress. Like now. 

A white linen dress is a summertime must-have. 

Semi-sheer and fully gorgeous. 

For a daring pick, I suggest this dress. 



I’d buy this dress even if it was full price. 

Love doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings toward this dress.

Peep the side cut-outs. 

Maxi dresses are at the top of my buy list. 

For next Saturday night. 

This dress can so easily be dressed up and down.

Sunshine in dress form. 

Green with envy. 

The dress version of everyone’s favorite summer basic.

If you don’t buy this dress, I will. 

Sandals, heels, sneakers—this dress will pair well with everything. 

If I didn’t know better, I’d think this dress was well over $500. 

Consider me obsessed.

A 10 on the elegance scale. 

Yes, this dress is only $63. You know what to do. 

It’s giving ballerina vibes in the chicest way possible. 

I’ve never spent $175 quicker. 

Orange you glad you kept scrolling? 

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