I'm a Sneakerhead and These 31 Sneakers Will Make Every Garment Fresh

I'm a Sneakerhead and These 31 Sneakers Will Make Every Garment Fresh

I've always been a sneaker, but until I increased my online shopping purchases in 2021 (so far) I felt that the term sneakerhead was adequately applied: since the beginning of January, six new pairs have entered my collection, and my thirst for them has not ceased. Usually I’ll go hard in front of the sandal near this spring, but the latest sneaker released has tempted me too much to look elsewhere. My work from home uniform consists of some sort of joggers or denim jeans, so a flashy sneaker seems like the perfect compliment. The sneaker section is the first place I visit whenever I scan my favorite online shops like SSENSE and Net-a-Porter, so you know I’m used to which styles are worth the investment. It’s a vast market, so I sorted it out according to trends and styles. Looking for something of the moment? There is an upcoming release of the Air Jordan 1 that is guaranteed to turn the heads of hypebeasts. Do you want a pair that won’t get lost in style? You can’t go wrong with the Common Projects leather sneaker or the consistently cool Nike Air Force 1. Whatever your vibe, keep scrolling to peek at the full list.

Limited editions and collab shoes will always get our attention, but these classic styles deserve permanent status in your collection. Most under $ 100, you don’t have to be very important to them either.

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[19659002] Controversial opinion: high-tops are for a very specific person. Personally, I don ' t own a ton of them (I’m not a fan of the way they look on my legs), but the Converse ' s Hiker and Nike ' s Blazer Mid both made me reconsider. for my stand. The low Air Jordan 1 has become my silhouette, but this year I am thinking of buying a top notch version.

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19659002] Calling all hypebeasts, this one is for you. If you manage to score any of these limited colorways or collaborations, you count as lucky. Traditionally an outdoor brand, Salomon has gained a cult following with his new collection of lifestyle sneakers. It recently launched at Matches, so I ' m predicting it ' s the next it-sneaker ready to explode. Margiela’s Tabi sneaker in partnership with Reebok is another style that is gaining a lot of strength.

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I had a very retro sneaker earlier, and sang- according to the girls in fashion. From New Balances to Nike ' s Daybreak, these silhouettes are super easy to wear I promise they will be your new favorite.

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[19659002] For those who prefer the finer things in life, these design sneakers will cover the all bases. While spending more doesn’t necessarily equate to better quality, these designs feel unique they are worth the splurge.


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