It's Official: It Will Be The 11th Biggest Hair Trend Of 2022

It's Official: It Will Be The 11th Biggest Hair Trend Of 2022

As the New Year approaches, it's only right that we take a minute to talk about where we went and where we're going … about our hair, that is. In 2021 we saw a return to salon-fresh style after a year of DIY haircuts and box dye, and that’s exactly what the experts predicted. There has been a resurgence of ' 90s-inspired hair (flipped ends and smooth single braids are everywhere) as well as a return to chunky highlights (à la Dua Lipa) and 90 [01945] French fringe (a modern classic).

This year, experts say we can expect more than the unexpected — think of edgy and experimental styles. We agree. Maybe it’s because we’re a little uneasy for change or maybe it’s because we have a desire to go back to simpler times, but we’re ready to start the New Year with a new look. From "Jell-O hair" to statement color and lengthy locks, keep scrolling to see the 11 biggest hair trends of 2022, according to A-list celebrity hairstylist.

Justine Marjan is a celebrity hairstylist whose clients include the likes of Kim Kardashian West, Kristin Cavallari, and Ashley Graham (among others). She predicts that “Jell-O hair” will be big in 2022. It’s all about “shiny, bouncy, and super-healthy-looking strands,” like this light-reflective look Marjan created for Nicole Scherzinger. To recreate “Jell-O hair” on our own, we’ll stock up on our favorite hair oils and masks (maybe even some shine serum as well).

One of our all-time favorite shine serums, it makes our strands luminescent.

When it comes to hair color, Marjan predicts that warm shades of red, such as copper and strawberry blonde, will dominate next year. "However, these colors fade quickly," he warns, "so use a warm tinted shampoo and conditioner to keep the color bright." Celebrity hairstylist Kahh Spence agrees, whose clients are Doja Cat, Winnie Harlow, and Kelly Rowland. He said shades of auburn red would be particularly trendy.

Overtone is our go-to brand for home color care. This daily conditioner is no exception.

Bronde is the half point between brown and blonde hair. While celebs like Hailey Bieber have long loved it, Marjan said it will be even bigger in 2022. “Bye-bye, bright blonde, and hello, muted honey,” Marjan said. "It's great for natural blondes who want to take a break from the highlights and use more natural color."

This conditioner deposits a subtle pigment to keep your color between dye jobs. 19459011 darker. “While they say blondes are happier, we’ve noticed that a lot of people try a darker tone and like it,” Spence said. Expect chocolaty-brown and raven-black hair colors to become the new standard.

Another color -depositing conditioner, this one is expertly approved for deep auburn color. . It’s all about “statement tones that are insane,” he said. "Think The Fifth Element red-orange, magenta, or Peri Purple." Of course, Megan Thee Stallion always has turquoise blue…

A color-safe shampoo is a MUST to keep hair colorful.

Brook predicts that bobs will go everywhere in 2022, but not the traditional bob we all know and love. No, this one will be shorter and smoother. “In 2022, I think we’re going to see a lot of people taking their bobs shorter — at the chin or just below the cheekbone,” he said. Marjan coins this cut "the bixie." It’s “the sweet spot between a bob and a pixie,” he explains. "We like the short ' do because it's lightweight and lengthens the neck."

Spence says molding paste should be a major part of anyone's shopping list. [19459010SinabiniMarjannaanghuliaymagigingisangtiyaknatrendparasapaparatingnataon"BFFmoangmgaextensionkunghandakanangtanggapinangtrendnaitoSubukanangmgaindibidwalnacustomnaextensionngGreatLengthsparasapinakanaturalnatimplaHilinginsaiyongstylistangmgalayerngface-framingparapanatilihinitongmukhangmodernoatV-cutsalikod"

If you do not get to a salon, try clip-in extensions, as these seven pieces set.

Remember how we said that ' 90s-revival hair was a major trend this year? We found flipped ends, ' 90s-supermodel updos, slick braids, and more. Well, it won’t go away anytime soon. In fact, this year, we can expect to see an uptick in ' 90s bombshell hair. That's according to Marjan, who says, it's "the ideal cut for Velcro rollers or a massive blowout. It's a mid-length cut with lots of layers across and short layers framed in face. Your stylist should make sure the ends are feathered for maximum volume. "

These Velcro rollers help lift hair at the roots and set it for basic ' 90s-esque volume.

Next year's flair for the dramatic extends further to hair accessories. All three experts agree that fancy and maximalist accessories will be the name of the game in 2022. For Marjan, it’s all about velvet bows, pearls, rainbow clips, and colorful monochromatic pins. For Spence, it’s all about the moving clips. For Brook, it’s all about designer logo accessories, sophisticated barrettes, statement bows, and scarves. “I’m all about the printed silk scarf that you can wear in many ways but you can also use to rest your hair from dry shampoo while hiding greasy or old roots,” she says.

We love silk. We also love a designer logo. This Gucci scarf has both.

Calling everyone who has curly hair. According to Brook, 2022 is all about a rounded afro and big ' 80s curls. The latter combines nasty, recognizable curls, large veins, lots of body, and movement at the ends, as seen here in Camila Cabello.

Using a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment can help boost the natural volume of your hair. The use of a volumizing shampoo also helps. Brook recommends Biolage Volumebloom Shampoo ($ 20) and Conditioner ($ 20). Both offer long-lasting volume and moisture.

Another trend in 2021 that continues until 2022 is the half-up hairstyle. “It could be a playful high pony, half topknot, hair slide, or barrette to pull the hair away from the face — whatever the style, this look will be repeated in 2022,” Brook said. We are not angry. After all, this is a hairstyle that is relatively easy to imitate, even for beginners in hairdressing. 19459033 Next, this official — these are the most popular beauty trends of 2022 .

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