Kaia Gerber brings hope and optimism to the cover of Vogue for June / July 2021

Kaia Gerber brings hope and optimism to the cover of Vogue for June / July 2021

It is hard to believe that a whole year has passed since the American Vogue served this absolutely poignant Irving Penn cover. Since then the magazine has delivered megawatt cover stars, including Naomi Campbell Harry Styles and Selena Gomez . Now Kaia Gerber is making her solo debut in the American fashion bible with the unveiling of her June / July 2021 edition. The all-American beauty poses in Malibu in a Chanel Spring 2021 Haute Couture dress (selected by Tonne Goodman) for the picture taken by Colin Dodgson.


Nevertheless, the cover received mixed reviews. “The cover looks royal! I love the fact that Vogue is finally trying to spice things up with their covers without completely changing their brand, ”admired crmsnsnwflks .

"For some reason I really like this" Admits MyNameIs .

"That's a pretty nice shot! "confesses mikel .

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" This is just fantastic . A cozy and indeed hopeful cover, with which everything comes together so well, "agreed an obviously enthusiastic 1018 o'clock .

MON is certainly a fan:" I like There is something very hopeful about that particular cover. Maybe it's the way she looks ahead? "

" I have no complaints seeing Kaia Gerber on the cover of Vogue always love the sight of one Beach, love the clear blue sky and the warm sunset lighting together with the feeling of freedom and optimism brings the cover … " vogue28 .

But obviously not everyone is happy." At this point the death of Vogue self-vers owes. People are bored to see the same-looking, boring, rich, nepotism girls being pushed on them, ”wrote Serend1pity . Vogue is so lost, I don't hate the cover and I'm not enthusiastic about it either, it's just more, ”proclaimed ReneSanchez .

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