Kate Moss reports on the December 2021 issue of Vogue Russia

Kate Moss reports on the December 2021 issue of Vogue Russia

Models on the covers of fashion magazines just feel oh so right, especially during the Christmas season. American ELLE and Vogue Korea fulfill our wish this month together with Vogue Russia, where model legend Kate Moss starred in her last offer from 2021 (12 years after Kate's last Russian Vogue cover appearance). For December 2021, the photographer duo Luigi & Iango portrayed the British beauty, resulting in a classic and typically Kate black and white close-up portrait for us.


The end result gave the majority of our forum members a serious déjà-vu. “Another reprint, another day”, wrote dontbeadrag .

While oaklee91 described the cover as “nothing new”. extracted from the Vogue Hong Kong edition March 2021 and they just disguised it here with the rotated art direction until I noticed that two different stylists are involved, ”mixed up vogue28 a.

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“Kate Moss? From Luigi & Iango? Is it a Photoshop topic? "Asked MagFan .

" Mega Photoshopped Kate Moss from Luigi & Iango works every time, "defended kokobombon .

" Kate Moss (especially involved with Luigi & Iango) is always a win for me! ”Declared aracic .

“Kate looks amazing and Luigi & Iango can never go wrong with a studio recording! I never get bored, "confessed charles01 .

“Kate looks great. Nice cover and leading article ”, repeated mepps .

"I love it! Even the pastel Vogue imprint and the text remind me of the magazines of the 2010s, "admired Urban Stylin .

Watch Kate's companion film in all its glory and share it Your thoughts here .

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