Kristen Stewart and Jürgen Teller team up for Chanel's campaign before fall 2021

Kristen Stewart and Jürgen Teller team up for Chanel's campaign before fall 2021

Virginie Viard continues to find her booth at Chanel's advertising campaigns. Since following in the footsteps of the late Karl Lagerfeld the designer has selected all from Steven Meisel to Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin as campaign photographers. Now it is Jürgen Teller's turn on Chanel's pre-fall 2021 offer. After unveiling the collection at the Château de Chenonceau in France, Teller used the majestic location as a backdrop for the campaign. Brand Ambassador Kristen Stewart appears as the face of the Renaissance-inspired collection that poses for haunting images on the site of the architectural masterpiece.

<img class = "wp-image-862870 size-full" src = "" alt = "Chanel Pre-Fall 2021: Kristen Stewart by Jürgen Teller [19659003] PICTURE: CHANEL.COM

The campaign immediately caught the attention of our forum members." Basically, it looks like Kristen and Jürgen have an unplanned one after the show I took a walk, and that's exactly what came out of it. At least the pictures feel very real and raw, "said toffie .

" I'm usually not that interested in Chanel ads, but these pictures irritate me Really. It doesn't look like a plate either, it really looks like the age of shitty digicams. All these pictures are missing, the date and time is in one of the corners, "criticized nejtak .

" Good God, what a disaster! ”Declared aracic . [19659006] [ Not a member of the tFS forum yet? Click here to join ! ]

HodanChloe shared the same feeling: “Jürgen Teller really has to take a break. Kristen looks terrible here. I never understood what Chanel saw in her. "

" The problem I have with Chanel is the lack of consistency. We were used to a vision about campaigns for 30 years and suddenly it seems like every photographer is shooting a campaign… ”noted Lola701 .

But not all felt the same. "Jürgen Teller is one of my least favorite fashion photographers, but … I'm not angry. The harsh landscape mixed with Teller's raw aesthetic works is astonishing and I like the juxtaposition between the wilderness and the flawless and luxurious pieces in the collection" , said vogue28 .

"The setting works and the rawness of the pictures is actually suitable for clothing …" repeated reese06 .


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