Leader of Gucci and Bottega 2020, But They Under the Radar Italian Brands Follow

Leader of Gucci and Bottega 2020, But They Under the Radar Italian Brands Follow

For emerging and small fashion labels, Milan can be a tough nut to crack. For big players like Prada, Gucci, Bottega Veneta who usually enter the stage at Milan Fashion Week (one of the most crowded fashion week calendars), it is a difficult task to notice fashion without the advantage of big budgets and a celebrities ahead. While established Italian homes continue to deliver exciting collections, it is important not to ignore the under-the-radar talent that also contributes to Italy’s reputation as a destination for fashion and artisan change. In the spirit of always looking for what’s next, presentation, seven brands we see as worthy challengers to shake the Italian fashion scene. Some have already gained enough momentum and excitement to attract shoppers from Matches and Net-a-Porter, so it is only a matter of time before they show up anywhere else. From resort-oriented brands like Le Sirenuse Positano to newly arrived maintenance champions like Garbage Core and Gioia Bini, these are the Italian brands to watch.

If you can count Rei Kawakubo as an educator, you know you made some kind of impression. Sara Lanzi founded her company more than a decade ago, but the Italian designer has started making waves on a much larger scale, with her collections being placed on retailers such as Dover Street Market and Nordstrom. She specializes in creating high-impact pieces that require little or no effort to turn off: imagine whimsical jackets with unique shapes and large garments.

Turning the world of denim on its head is Made In Lesbian. If you guess, the type of namesake speaks for itself: with extra wide leg jeans and lumpy tops, each piece incorporates a masculine inherent in classic casual staples. While Italy may not immediately come to mind about the subject of denim, that may soon change.

With Milanese label Garbage Core, modern bespoke meets sustainability. Launched by Giuditta Tanzi in 2019, the brand has found flea wrists to build completely new couture innovations. With that in mind, each item is completely one of a kind, so if you are looking at something it is better to act quickly. We love homemade appeals to deconstructed seams and asymmetric constructions.

If you want to get the amulet of Italian movie stars on the Amalfi Coast, check out Gioia Bini. The eponymous label from designer Gioia Bini was born from his childhood journey between Florence and Sub-Saharan Africa. It’s the nail of the balance between the effortless and beauty of retro-inspired clothes you imagine wearing on a yacht in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Count yourself lucky if you enjoyed staying at Le Sirenuse Positano on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Since the trip is almost not on the table, you can somehow transport yourself there to the resort’s clothing collection, Emporio Le Sirenuse. Of course, there are many caftans and easy-breezy tops intended for morning sleeping on the beach, but there are some cool pieces you can easily adapt to your everyday wardrobe with the right style. We love bright tropical leaning prints and saturated colors.

Blaze Milano is a brand that shines on the radar of most fashion-girls, but it is not much of a household name like Guccis and Pradas of the world. You want to remember this brand if you are a fan of high heels, and as its name implies, it’s no wonder that custom blazers are what they do well. Fun retro patterns also stand out among the sea of ​​minimalist leaning brands.

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Just like Sita Abellan's eccentric style, Lilith is really not like everyone else. The brand – handmade in Milan – is inspired by astrology and tarot, with items such as earrings emblazoned with painted enamel snakes and gold lunar themed chain belts. It all comes down to a relatively affordable price point of less than $ 250.

An alum of Schiaparelli and Rochas, Marco Zanini was a great experienced designer before launching his own label a few years that was ago. Her first collection debuted during F / W19 at Milan Fashion Week, prompting praise for her strong fit and perspective. For the brand, fabrics play such a big role as the designs themselves: each piece is intended to be elegant with no time.

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