Meet Laura Modi, the Entrepreneur Who Changes the Formula Industry With Bobbie

Meet Laura Modi, the Entrepreneur Who Changes the Formula Industry With Bobbie

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Laura Modi's journey to beginnings Bobbie the only woman founded and mother-led infant formula company in the United States, is a personal company. It’s 2016, and Modi has just given birth to her first daughter and is faced with the unexpected reality that she — like many women — can’t maintain breastfeeding. Around the aisles of his local pharmacy to search for a suitable formula, Modi was stunned by the lack of options and quickly realized that the market needed a serious update. So, Bobbie was born. The brand is built to not complicate baby formulas with European -inspired, thoughtful ingredients, emphasizing what is not not in the formula. Don’t think of fillers, repetitive pesticides, antibiotics, or other unnecessary additives.

With zero background in the food industry and as a first-time mother and soon to be an entrepreneur, Modi quit her job at the highly respected Airbnb to start her own company. In 2018, she raised $ 2.4 million from Silicon Valley investors while pregnant with her second child initial launch. Then in 2019, she raised an additional $ 4 million in seed funding while pregnant with her third child. Bobbie officially launched in January of 2021, emotionally connecting with customers like never before.

But before he destigmatizing the infant formula industry, decided to make a real impact, Modi's early career was actually at the helm of the tech boom. He worked at Google Finance, focusing on stock market data and analytics. According to Modi, Google taught his lessons that he will use forever: "Google is a training camp in so many different ways. I mean, it teaches you everything about how to approach business how to get in [in conversation]. I believe there’s no way I can’t get where I am without starting there. ”After Google, Modi joined Airbnb as an operations manager, leading the customer service team, where he worked for five years and guarded the company through massive international expansion.

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